Tonight, we will not have times posted for heats, as we will not know how long each heat with last. Please be ready well in advance of your heat. We understand that the Overhead Squat weight is beyond some of your capabilities. Remember that 1 rep on the leaderboard is not worth the risk of injury. Please scale accordingly. We want you to experience the Open, but not if it means a damaged joint.

Still worried? Read this – http://www.catalystgym.com/eleventh-rep/

Judges – please be available at 5:30 for a briefing. 

Strength – Floor Press 3×10

3 x 500m Row

Compare to March 22/13

Please watch the video before coming tonight for the movement standards.


65 thoughts on “14.2”

  1. Strength – Floor Press 3×10

    3 x 500m Row

    1) 2:10
    2) 2:08
    3) 2:05

    Thanks for tips Chantal! Good luck to the competitors tonight!! Remember just have fun 🙂

  2. Heather Colleen

    Strength – Floor Press 3×10

    Pretty close to teaching my kids a few “new” words during that middle set. Very frustrating.

    3 x 500m Row

    2) 1:55.7
    3) 2:04.2

    I was glad (and surprised) that I got a 2 second PR on the first and second rounds. I was really disappointed with my time on the last round, but I just had nothing left in the tank…

    Can’t wait for tonight!!! 😀

    1. You have no reason to be disappointed. You PR’d the first two rounds……that may have had something to do with the third time which is still a great time.

  3. Mobility
    Warm up x1 (12reps)
    Group warm up
    Strength(floor press) 40, 45, 50 (×10 reps)
    WOD: 3 × 500 meter row
    1. Counter did not work
    2. 2.06.7
    3. 2.06.8

    Great class Chantal….TGIF 🙂

    1. Sorry for the clock being on the wrong display. By the looks of your two other times, I’d say 2:08.6! hehehe Have a good weekend!

  4. Strength – Floor Press 3×10

    3 x 500m Row

    1) 1:42
    2) 1:47:1
    3) 1:50

    Got some help on muscle ups. I need to work on my false grip.

  5. Open WOD 14.2
    71 reps.

    Pacing, pacing, pacing.

    — C2B were ok but not super consistent. Not something I have been practicing enough of.
    — Get those OHS unbroken if you can…and avoid dropping bar on your head.
    — Better to have a slower pace (i.e.. Heart Rate) in Round 1 than to go all out and have a 20 sec rest.
    — I found snatching the bar up then beginning my OHS was the best option for me versus a squat snatch at the beginning as it allowed me to get the bar up quicker than a clean but let me establish a nice solid (wide) stance before squatting.

    Good luck to everyone tonight, I predict lots of PRs! I will be there cheering you on and totally judging you.

  6. Im still trying to ohs with a broom stick and I somehow can’t even do that! Now what will my strategy be? Errghh!

    1. Do your best! If it’s a broomstick then squat the heck out of that broomstick!

      You know no matter what there’ll be people cheering you on. Soak up the energy, enjoy the moment and smile for the pictures 🙂

      For most of us it’s not about the leader board score anyway, it’s about participating in a worldwide event and putting yourself out there!

      Relax, and I bet you’ll surprise yourself.

  7. – Mob
    – WUx1 (got my first 4-5 chest to bar pullups during the warmup…. I got my first pullup period a few weeks ago. Neat!)

    13 reps

    Really pleasantly surprised with the pull ups 😀 Although using ‘chin up’ grip which we don’t normally do, I’m really happy I got more than the 10 reps I was expecting! Until Wednesday when I got 3x 100# me previous 1RM for overhead squats was 90#, over all I’m really happy with those 13 reps! Progress!!

    1. You have been having lots of progress the past few weeks, Ryan. Great job tonight!

    1. It was awesome to see your smile after……of course I would have preferred you had waited until you put the bar down…..lol. Congrats!!!!

  8. MOB

    Warm up

    14.2 RX

    25 reps

    So sole goal today was to do one OHS @ 95 # which is a 45# PR for my self well I went above and beyond my expectations and did 25 reps wooo . I got confidence in my self after i did the one rep and know will be working harder on them in the Future .
    Great job everyone

  9. 14.2

    8 OHS @ 65lbs
    Happy with this as it is a 15lb pr for me. Thank you to all of you who told me to just go for it. This is the movement that scares the shit out of me and one that I avoid.

    The thing I was truly impressed with (and something I really need to work on) is the fearlessness, determination, and perseverance I saw in others tonight. WOW!!!! Inspirational!

  10. Vanessa Champion


    20# PR for OHS. Very happy with this.

    Score: 7

    Wanted to get 10 but it wasn’t in the cards tonight. Nerves definitely got the best of me.
    Might have had a few tears after… Nervous/frustrated/happy tears haha

  11. 14.2


    The OHS felt easy and unbroken…damn you pull up! Had a lot of pull up envy tonight!

    Great work everybody!

  12. mobility
    practiced OHS
    PR’D with #35,#45,#55 and also #65.


    #40 PR What an absolute rush !!! thanks for all the support gang.
    Soooooooooooo proud of EVERYONE !!!!! CFM ROCKS 🙂

  13. Mob
    WU x 1 (12 reps)

    Floor press – 3 sets x 10 reps

    WOD – 3 x 500 m row
    1 – 1:40:9
    2 – 1:56:3
    3 – 1:48:3

    My first one started with about a 1:35 pace but I only had about a minute’s worth of that in the tank. Second one (4 min rest) was gross. Last one (10 minutes rest) wasn’t too bad.

    Another great night at CFM! Congrats to everyone who did the Open! Like always it was inspiring to watch 🙂

  14. 14.2
    140 reps (4 shy of finishing the 14’s)

    Happy with that score! I’ll get into the 16’s next year 🙂

    Great energy at the gym tonight! Thanks to everyone for coming put and helping!

  15. mobility
    OHS practice (thanks to Patrick for the help)

    WOD 14.2
    5 reps

    15# PR! Very happy with that score!
    Loved the support and energy at the gym!

  16. 14.2 : 10 reps (official score)

    I continiued with jumping pullups and finished 70 reps (for next time this comes up)

    1. For next time this comes up? This is a great score, but don’t assume you’re doing jumping pullups next time please. 🙂

    1. Congrats Craig ! You were so close last week that I am not surprised you got it this week – way to go 🙂 Cheers

  17. Alyson kitchen

    Strength – Floor Press 3×10

    3 x 500m Row

    1) 2:08
    2) 2:04
    3) 2:19

    Awesome job to everyone who did 14.2 tonight! You all rocked! 🙂

  18. MOB + WU
    Group WU

    Strength: Floor Press 10(3)


    WOD: 3x 500m row
    *rest as needed

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