Partner Deck of Death

Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Situps
Clubs = Wall Balls
Spades = Box Jumps
Jokers = 4x20m Lunge

With a partner, start by drawing the top card and do that many reps of the suit. For example, if you draw the 9 of Hearts, you’re doing 9 burpees. Face cards are all worth 10. The goal is to get through the whole deck as fast as you can. Only one partner working at a time.

Fun with Turkish getups
Fun with Turkish getups

15 thoughts on “Partner Deck of Death”

  1. Hey everyone,

    A client gave me 55$ for protein powder at the end of the very last class last night. I tidied up the gym and when I got home I realized that I had forgotten to put the 55$ in the cash box. I reached in my pocket and the 5$ in change was there, but not the 50$ bill. If anyone in this morning’s class happens to find a 50$ bill please give it to Lora D. Thank you…smiles…..

    1. OOOPS. 🙁
      I forgot to write your name on the board…but I guess you writing it here equates to the same thing. Happy burpees!

      1. WHAT!? You mean if I didn’t post it I would’ve escaped them? Since I’m being honest maybe you could forget about writing my name? Also super sad to
        miss it, partner DOD sounds awesome!

  2. Mob. + WU

    Partner Deck of Death w/ Marcel (30 min time cap)
    *(both partner does reps on the card, one working at a time)

    Hearts = Burpees
    Diamonds = Situps
    Clubs = Wall Balls (14#/10′)
    Spades = Box Jumps (24″)
    Jokers = 4x20m Lunge (alt. fwd/bkwd)

    Score = 107 reps left on cards. We hit a LOT of 10s, mostly burpees & box jumps. Both jokers, one early and one near end.

    Nice partnering with you once again Marcel. Great work everybody!

    A little work on the side….

    Power Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1….

    That’s a power clean, jerk, and C&J PRs all rolled into one.

  3. Group warmup by Lora = a killer. Wow.
    WOD rx’d with Val the Superstar. So much fun. We made a great team.
    22 reps left.

    1. Aha…yeah, that warmup was a bit “ambitious”. You guys did awesome though!!
      You and Val were super close to finishing this one…you were both flying 🙂

  4. WU x 2

    Group WU

    Partner Deck of Death on steroids

    Hearts = Burpees
    Diamonds = Sit-up
    Clubs = wall balls used 14#
    Spade = box jumps 24″

    Joker = 4 x 20 m lunge (fwd & backward)

    Got through both Jokers & had 107 pts left. Great job today Mario, this was a fun WOD to tackle with you. Great job coaching Lora.

    1. Super job this morning….thankls for not running away when you saw the box jumps….AND the wall balls! LOL

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