12 Days of Christmas

You perform the workout as you would sing the song “The 12 Days of Christmas”: Round 1 is 1 pullup; round 2 is 2 pushups and 1 pullup; round 3 is 3 tuck jumps, 2 pushups and 1 pullup, etc.

Because of the space and size of class, we will run this in 2 groups. There is a 20 min cap.

1 – Pullup in a pear tree
2 – Pushups
3 – Tuck jumps
4 – Dips
5 – Golden squats
6 – Burpees
7 – Lunges
8 – Mountain climbers
9 – Good mornings
10 – Box jumps
11 – Situps
12 – Wall Balls

Compare to Dec.24/15

Merry Christmas from CrossFit Moncton!
Merry Christmas from CrossFit Moncton!

25 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas”

  1. So much fun to see so many smiling Christmasy faces this morning!

    12 Days of Christmas (one of my faves)

    Time: 14:58
    No PR today. Over 2mins slower than 2 years ago, but I’m pregnant. That an excuse, right? 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. I think you misspelled “but I’m pregnant and therefore freaking awesome because I still came in to do this monster workout.”

  2. Fun WOD today….great to see such a great crowd.

    Merry Christmas to all and congratulation to Vanessa!

  3. 12 days of Christmas
    With jumping pull-ups
    Push-ups from toes
    Paralette dips
    12″ box 25# plate
    10# ball

  4. Done with a 30# Ruck this year. Much slower this year. Couple bashes to the back of the head with the steel ruck plate.


    Thanks for keeping me on track Janelle!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  5. Wod with:

    Jumping pull ups
    Paralette dips

    Made it to 3/6 burpees on final round.

    Great seeing lots of people today.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. Great to see so many happy faces this morning

    12 Days of Christmas

    Got 11 rounds and up to 4 lunges in

    I will take it as I am still battling the end of a cold.

  7. 12 Day of Christmas

    Jumping pull ups
    Paralette dips
    12″ box jumps (wimped out of my normal 18″ but don’t think I would have gotten as far if I did them)
    Hanging knee raises instead of sit-ups
    6# wall ball

    Completed 1 wall ball at time cap.

    That was crazy!!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. 12 days of Christmas with 18′ box and 10# ball.

    Was 3 box jumps in my last round.

    Thanks for the WOD, happy holidays everyone!

  9. 12 Days of Christmas!!!
    Thanks Julie for being my partner. We needed matching shirts “I’m totally awesome and scaling the crap out of this”😜
    Made it to the 11th round and 5 squats.

    What a great morning! So many beautiful, smiling, happy crossfitters. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Thanks to everyone who brought yummy treats in and to Christie and Chris for those awesome protein shakes! What a fabulous idea!!
    Merry Christmas everyone❤

  10. Robert and I joined the 11:30 crew .. So much energy and support in the gym this morning!!.. we challenged ourselves with a 14# wallball.. we also lost track of where we were supposed to be on the list several times ->Imma chalk it up to exercise brain!
    I finished with 18:50
    Robert 19:15
    It was close, but not this time!!
    Thanks Guys for the goodies and the tasty peppermint protein shakes!

  11. Love this Wod and the whole atmosphere at the gym!!
    Merry Christmas to everyone hope everyone gets to enjoy the holiday with friends and family!!

    Wod with 20# vest. 12:55
    Thats a 2:43 pr, never dreamt that I would even get a pr! Thanks for partnering up Matt!! You rocked it for the first go around!

  12. WOD with Paralette dips

    – pullups instead jumping ones
    – 20″ vs 18″
    – 4 seconds faster than last year

    Time – 19:13

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