Lifting and Skipping

Deadlifts x2, every 2 minutes

“Flight Simulator”

Unbroken Double Unders

*15 min cap

Compare to Sept.2/14

*Single unders – same reps. If finished early, spend the rest of the time practicing double unders.

So many balls
So many balls

47 thoughts on “Lifting and Skipping”

  1. Mob. and WUx 1 (12 reps)
    500m row 2:02
    2x 95, 120, 130, 140, 150, 165 #
    Double Unders Unbroken
    Got to the 25s….then at the 30s(got 21, 25, 28, 12) switched to singles and finished at 14:37
    30 Burpees with Maria 3/30
    800m run
    So nice to see Marie-Noelle 🙂 Great class and great coaching!!!

  2. Deadlifts x2, every 2 minutes

    “Flight Simulator” (first go at this WOD!)

    Unbroken Double Unders

    Completed the 25s. I’m happy with that. My arms get away from me every time. What a nice surprise to have coach Marie-Noelle this morning!

    Cashout: 30 burpees + 1KM row and calf stretching.

  3. DL x2 every 2 min
    135 145 160 170 180

    Flight Simulator – 14:35

    No PR but I did get to WOD with Me-No so it’s ok 🙂

  4. Deadlift x 2 every 2 min
    240 – 260 – 280 – 300 – 320

    “Flight Simulator”
    Got to 45’s + 16!!

    My previous record in this WOD was a proud venture into the 20’s, so I am stoked to make it this far!
    I also knew I was starting to fade so I pushed past and managed a new PR of 52 Double Unders (after a PR just last month).
    I finally feel like I am turning the corning on DUs…now to try them without blowing out my shoulders. …baby steps.

    Thanks for the awesome all-star coaching Marie-No!!

  5. Crossover symmetry and iron scap
    OHS with 5 second hold at bottom

    Deadlifts x2 every 2 mins

    Flight sim.
    Scaled to singles: 4:44
    Then worked on DU’s for the remainder

    30 burpees with Tara
    50 burpees with Justine because she had 100 and 50 were because of me lol so I helped.

    Almost didn’t go this morning because of DU’s. They defeat me lately. Then I got called a ‘hard core crossfitter’ (not because of my skipping). I just laughed but… Maybe I am. Or am on my way.
    Always remember, you’re better than you were yesterday.

    1. I really admire your work ethic.

      I’m glad you came to class today. It’s hard to come in when the WOD is made up of movements that are more challenging to us.

      Also, thank you for doing my 30 burpees with me. You still kept pace with my sad “slow-mo burpees”, even though you’re way faster than me. Thank you for being a friend 🙂

    2. Heather Colleen

      Just reread your time…4:44?!? I would have loved to have been there for that. Holy fast!

      And you voluntarily did 80 burpees. Yep. That’s pretty f$#%ing hardcore.

  6. Mob. + WUx 1 + 500m row
    2x 105, 110, 115, 125, 130 #

    WOD: “Flight Simulator”
    Double Unders Unbroken
    Finished the 20s then spent a while trying for 25, switched to singles shortly after the 10 min mark and got to the 20s or 25s on the way down. Kept loosing count and pretty sure I did a couple sets twice “to be sure”.

    No PR today, but haven’t been practicing much so that’s to be expected I guess 😉

    Nice to meet you Marie-Noelle, great class! Thanks for the pointers 🙂

  7. First nooner class, I’m pretty sure!

    Mob, WU, 500m row
    Group mob

    WU 120×5 – 150×5
    2 lifts every 2 minutes:
    180 – 195 – 210 – 225 – 240

    WOD – Flight Simulator (scaled to singles)
    Today: Completed in 6:49
    April 1, 2013: DNF, made it to the 30’s on the way down

    Spent the rest of the time working on doubles, had a breakthrough and realized I’m jumping far too early. Focused on timing my jumps better and it felt much smoother!

    1. Congrats on the timing breakthrough! Doubles are a much bigger mental training exercise than people realise.

  8. Wod: 4:58 with singles

    Double under practice after with a pr of 15 unbroken double unders

  9. Deadlifts
    2 lifts every two minutes

    WOD ” Flight simulator”
    Scaled to singles

    Time: 5:06

    I’m 95% sure I did the second round of 45 twice. Oh well, extra fitness
    Then I used the remaining 10 minutes to whip myself repeatedly with the skipping rope as I practiced DU’s 😛

    Someday DU’s. Someday.

    Cashout: burpee challenge 5/30 thanks for doing them with me Vanessa!

  10. Heather Colleen

    Deadlift x2 for 2 min


    Flight Sim Rx: 9:05

    Unbroken until 35 down (1 miss) and then missed on 20 down 4 times because I got too excited.

    Holy crap nothing has ever felt that good. I was aiming for 35 down…which would have been a PR. I’m going to be riding this high for a month.

      1. Heather Colleen

        I’ve been practicing sets of 30, then 40, then 50 forever trying to get my 100…FINALLY found a use for all that work! 🙂

    1. You mean lots of practice and attacking your weaknesses helped you reach your goal?? I guess it’s time to re-evaluate my personal strategy of moaning and whining about skipping…
      Nice work!

    2. I LOL’d this afternoon when I read that you were failing because you were so excited. I wish I had that problem! 🙂
      Nice work!

  11. Deadlifts to 200#

    WOD: Got through the 45’s on the way up. No PR.
    I need to skip more.

  12. Deadlifts to 205#
    WOD, substituted with KBS @ 20# switching to 15# at some point…
    Completed 50 reps

    This one killed my forearms…I’d like to try this again with KBS in the distant future, oh wait, no I don’t.

  13. Mob
    WU x1(12)
    500m row

    Group mob

    Deadlifts x2 every 2 mins
    (WU @ 90#x5 & 110# x5)

    Flight Simulator 15 min cap
    Unbroken singles
    Time: 7.37
    Worked on dbles with extra time…..actually did a dble and cont’d into 2 singles for first time!
    Usually I stop after every dble

  14. – Mob
    – WUx1
    – Group mob/WU

    Deadlift x2…

    WOD scaled to singles = 5:48… Missed reps and had to repeat twice (24/25 at one end, 29/30 at the other end) but still 28 seconds faster than last time where I only missed a rep once 🙂

  15. WU x1(12)
    500m row
    Group mob

    Deadlifts x2 every 2 mins

    Flight Simulator scaled to singles

    Time: 5:46
    PR of a 1 min – did this one back in Sep 2012.

  16. To all of those amazing people who wanted to kill me on Saturday for the WOD I created! Hannah and I are taking it on tomorrow in to open gym……

    For all those who couldn’t make it Saturday I challenge you and a partner to do it in an open gym. ** cough cough Anthony/ Angela****

  17. mob wux1 12 rep +500 m row
    deadlift x 2 every 2 min
    flight simulator
    unbroken DU ( scale to single)
    got to 25 on the way down
    lot of bad word this morning

  18. Dead Lifts x 2 every 2 minutes:

    Flight Simulator:

    Succeeded at 25 on the way up. Wow, is this a frustrating WOD. On my set of 20 and 25, failed a whole bunch of times when I reached 19 & 23. I don’t recall any other WOD’s that make me curse like this one….not even pull up WOD’s. It’ a great way to improve on DU’s though.

    So nice to have Mary-No back coaching this morning. I’ve missed you!

  19. Deadlifts x2, every 2 minutes
    “Flight Simulator”

    Unbroken Double Unders

    *15 min cap
    Got to 20 consecutive du’s :-/ not a pr, It was harder than usual for some reason and I also kept needing to pee even if I went before work out… lol oh skipping. ..

  20. Deadlifts 150-165-175-190-200

    Wod with singles…7:35
    Practiced DUs after. much needed…

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