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Common Misconceptions

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1. People get hurt doing CrossFit.

Possibly. You also might get hurt eating a hot dog. You might stub your toe while walking. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to get injured jogging or playing baseball than you are CrossFitting. Those popular injuries that people love to associate with CrossFit happen mostly outside of CrossFit gyms. We teach mechanics first and always. We will never assign you a weight that you can’t handle and we will never turn you loose until we have drilled the proper movements into your head over and over. Still don’t believe us? See what this orthopaedic surgeon has to say.

2. I’m not in good enough shape to CrossFit.

False. This one kills me. Why would you need to be in shape to start getting in shape? Do you need to be able to run a marathon to start running? NO. Do you need to play in the NFL before you throw a football? NO. Then why would you need to be good at something to learn how to be good at something?!?! Everyone has to start somewhere. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”.

3. It’s too expensive.

(Huge sigh) False. First of all, let’s talk about value. Why is it that when we’re spending money on making ourselves healthier, prolonging our lives and making ourselves happier, we go bargain shopping. But when it comes time to buy a pair of shoes or a TV, we turn our noses up at the cheapest options because they aren’t as good as the expensive ones?!?!? I know I never take the lowest priced piece of electronics because I know in the long-term, the more expensive option will  serve me better. VALUE. When you spend $20 on a gym membership…you will get $20 results.

4. I saw CrossFit on TV. I could never do what they do.

The gals and guys at the CrossFit Games (and anyone else in that level of physical condition) can do what they do because every second of their day is dedicated to their performance. They eat ungodly amounts of calories and train for HOURS every day. They sleep 9-10 hours a night and devote every waking moment to their craft. We want you to reach YOUR maximum potential within your abilities – not those you see on TV.

5. They’ll make me eat Paleo.

False. Eat whatever you want. But know that all the training in the world won’t undo that crappy diet. Our goal is not to get you to eat Paleo. Our goal is to get you to eat real food at a level that sustains exercise and muscle mass but not body fat. Having said that, we’re not going to make you do anything. And we’re certainly not going to pressure you into eating a certain way. We will simply share our experience and knowledge about what has worked for our athletes and ourselves.

6. Your workouts are designed to make people suffer, there’s no method to the madness.

Not true. Our CrossFit workouts are meticulously programmed. We make sure that we have a good balance between movements and we avoid over training certain muscle groups. The only way to do this is to have a plan written out, which we do. We know what our WODs are going to be next week, and next month for that matter. All of our training is aimed at getting our athletes stronger and healthier.

7. I’m too old.

Too old for what?! I know it is intimidating to see these elite athletes and fire-breathers doing CrossFit. But put things in perspective. Does watching the NFL make you feel like you can’t play flag football with your buddies? Does watching the NYC marathon make you feel like you can’t go for a walk? We can adapt any workout for any ability level. There’s CrossFitters who can’t walk. There’s CrossFitters who can’t stand. There are CrossFitters of every possible ability level and age because CrossFit is simply exercise the way your body was intended to exercise and that is universally adaptable among every human being alive. And, we have a Master’s Program!

8. I don’t have the time.

False. How much time do we spend watching TV or creeping on Facebook every day. Well, if you believe in “science” and “studies”, we spend about 2-4 hours a day watching other people do stuff. Think about it for a minute. How did you get to this web page? Our classes last about an hour. You can come in early and stay late, but if you’re in a bind, you need 60 minutes to squeeze in an awesome workout and do something a little more productive with your time.

9. I can do the same workouts at home.

True. However, here’s some more “science” for you: there’s an 85% chance you’ll give up on your routine within a month and your risk of injury will rise by 80% when you train outside of a CrossFit box (see misconception number 1). Part of the reason CrossFit and it’s athletes are so successful is because of the social accountability and interaction. When Sally isn’t in the 5:00pm class, Suzie notices. They’ve become good friends over the past month or so and even hang out outside the box. When you have someone to be accountable to, you’re more likely to stay the course. And when you have someone to push against, you’ll push harder. You better believe that when I hop in on the WOD everyone in class is gunning for me, and I know it. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I let my members out perform me without a fight. I get my butt kicked some times, especially with gymnastic movements, but I don’t make it easy for them 🙂

10. People will laugh at me.

False. This is the one of the easiest misconception to fix. Our members and our coaches all started out exactly like everyone else. It only takes one class to see how welcoming everyone really is. You’ll get smiles and high fives from everybody and you’ll make a friend or two for sure. Besides, nobody has time to sit around and watch you. Our box is not like the Globo Gym down the road. There aren’t hundreds of strangers all doing their own thing, sitting around flexing in the mirror. We do work in these walls. If you have time to watch people and laugh at them, you ain’t working hard enough.

Convinced? Get started today!