Nutrition Programs

Nutrition/In-Body Scan

We all know that the key to good health is good nutrition, but knowing how to properly fuel your body to get the results you want can be confusing! Learn how to make the right choices for you and your goals by focusing on one habit at a time, building on each as you go. Work one-on-one with our nutrition coach to prioritize your needs and habits, discover healthier practices, stay accountable, and of course, work steadily toward a healthier you.

Body Composition Scan

It is easy to get discouraged by numbers from the untrustworthy scale, but your weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Your body is made up of muscle, fat and water.

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Collaborative Wellness

Together, we’ll come up with the best habit for you to work on that will get you closer to your goals (ie. what you want). We’ll start by getting a good sense of where you are currently, and what’s getting in your way.

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