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Monday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
Tuesday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm,
Wednesday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm,
Thursday 6am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm
Friday 6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm

520 Edinburgh Dr. Moncton, NB E1E 4C6


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CrossFit Moncton Newsletters

Issue 1 – June/09 (Welcome, Importance of Food, Heather Wood, Shoulder Press, Us vs. Them)

Issue 2 – July/09 (Duathlon, Zone, Rob Thurber, Gymnastics Cert)

Issue 3 – August/09 (Hopper Recap, Nutrients, Zone lunch, MC, Testimonials)

Issue 4 – September/09 (Level 1 by Gabrielle, Hidden Sugars, Breakfast, Dave Alexander, Testimonials)

Issue 5 – October/09 (FGB Event, Sugar Substitutes, Fast Snack, Elissa King, CrossFit Terms)

Issue 6 – November/09 (Level 1 by Heather, Canada Food Guide, Baked Scallops, Darren Craswell)

Issue 7 – December/09 (Gym Events, Christmas Snacks, Jane Messervier, Massage Therapy)

Issue 8 – January/10 (Functional Movements, Food Resources, Coleslaw, Tim Rodgers)

Issue 9 – February/10 (Warm-up, Peanut Butter, Chantal Theriault, Stretching)

Issue 10 – March/10 (Paleo Tips, Ray’s Catsup, Patrick Arseneau)

Issue 11 – April/10 (Sectionals, Paleo Challenge, Omega 3’s, Lisa Wood, Abs)

Issue 12 – May/10 (Joanna’s addiction, Paleo Challenge Wrap-up, Paleo pancakes, Jamie Arnold)

Issue 13 – June/10 (Shoes, Water, BBQ Chicken, Tracey Carter, Calgary Games)

Issue 14 – July/10 (Sisu, Pecan Crusted Chicken, Jeff Perry)

Issue 15 – Sept/10 (Level 1 Cert, Apple Pie Oatmeal, Mel Philips, “Good” CrossFitters)

Issue 16 – Oct/10 (FireFit, Fluffy Eggs, Dan Philips, Feeling Manly?)

Issue 17 – Nov/10 (Strong women, Ice, Paleo Stew, Sonia Picard)

Issue 18 – Dec/10 (Practice, Sunflower Bars, Marcel Daigle, Check Your Ego)

Issue 19 – Jan/11 (Goal setting, Crustless Quiche, Steph Frenette)

Issue 20 – Feb/11 (Jeff’s Level 1, Slow Cooker Chicken, Marc Hebert)

Issue 21 – Mar/11 (CrossFit Journal, Caprese Chicken with Bacon, Raychell Erman)

Issue 22 – Apr/11 (Who does CrossFit?, Meatza, Owen MacNeil)

Issue 23 – May/11 (Games Records, Games Pictures)

Issue 24 – July/11 (No Rep, Sweet Potato Salad, Heather Steeves)

Issue 25 – Aug/11 (Cues from coach, BBQ Sauce, Ed King)

Issue 26 – Sept/11 (Common clean faults, Tuna Salad, Heidi Daigle)

Issue 27 – Oct/11 (Level 1 Cert by Patrick, Bacon Wrapped Wedges, Gabriel Caissie)

Issue 28 – Nov/11 (Hips in the push press, Raspberry Vinaigrette, John Gonzales)

Issue 29 – Dec/11 (Bone Density, Apple Pork Roast, Corinna Rodgers)

Issue 30 – Jan/12 (Foam Rolling, Curried Meatballs, Rob Walker)

Issue 31 – Feb/12 (Sign up for Games, Pulled Pork, Amanda Arseneau)

Issue 32 – Mar/12 (Strong Mind, Bacon Apple Pork Chops, Ron Girouard)

Issue 33 – Apr/12 (Games Recap, Chicken Fajita Salad, Elba Garcias-Washburn)

Issue 34 – May/12 (Great Coaches, Fast Shrimp, Mat Youden)

Issue 35 – June/12 (Back to the Basics, Spaghetti and Meatball Bites, Lora Dempsey)

Issue 36 – July/12 (Rhabdo, Maple Walnut Sweet Potato Loaf, Mario Arseneau)

Issue 37 – Sept/12 (Virtuosity, Pesto Rolls, Lisa Wood)

Issue 38 – Oct/12 (CrossFit Onion – Mario at Level 1, Breakfast Meatza, Darsey Lavigne)

Issue 39 – Nov/12 (Big and Bulky Myth, Garlic Dill Veggies, Blake Reynolds)

Issue 40 – Dec/12 (Tough Mudder, Christmas Stuffing, Christine Bachmann, Oly Course Reflections)

Issue 41 – Feb/13 (What is the CF Games, Breakfast Pie, Lance Cudmore)

Issue 42 – Mar/13 (Sweaty Mess, Apple Streusel Egg Muffins, Marie-No Beaulieu)

Issue 43 – Apr/13 (Dialing in technique, Bacon Spinach Stuffed Chicken, Darrell Dryden)

Issue 44 – June/13 (CrossFit: life, struggles and motivation, Mini portobello pizzas, Chantal LeBreton)

Issue 45 – July/13 (High-fives,  Garlic lemon chicken kebabs, Jackie Cantin)

Issue 46 – Sept/13 (Tips from your coaches, BBQ chicken sweet potato skins, Frankie Landry)

Issue 47 – Feb/14 (2014 CrossFit Games, Blueberry bacon pancakes, Kevin MacKenzie)

Issue 48 – Mar/14 (Seven things I wish I knew when I started CrossFit, Sweet potato Apple and pancetta hash, Valerie Arseneau)

Issue 49 – Apr/14 (What CrossFit can teach you about leadership, Chicken and butternut squash pesto, Stephanie Legere)

Issue 50 – May/14 (Eight common dead lifting mistakes, Grilled pineapple burgers with avocado cream, Craig Hatto)

Issue 51 – June/14 (Seven ways you are sabotaging your sleep, Cinnamon swirl banana cake, Alaina Singer)

Issue 52 – July/14 (Five whiteboard misconceptions, Strawberry lemonade, Brian Breau)

Issue 53 – Aug/14 (CrossFit hero wods, Grilled thai pork salad, Angela Sturgeon)

Issue 54 – Sept/14 (What I learned from being bad at CrossFit, Butternut squash shepherds pie, Josh Steeves)

Issue 55 – Oct/14 (CrossFit rest day do’s and don’ts, Paleo Thanksgiving stuffing, Baukje van der Heide)

Issue 56 – Nov/14 (How to stay motivated, Habanero chili, Maria McDonald)

Issue 57 – Dec/14 (Mobility matters, Chestnut and Rosemary stuffing, Jeff Leger)

Issue 58 – Jan/15 (New Year’s resolution, Cleansing ginger chicken soup, Karen Cormier)

Issue 59 – Feb/15 (Level 1- rinse and repeat, Sweet potato bacon cakes, Gilles Gautreau)

Issue 60 – Mar/15 (Things that I learned from the open, Asian pepper shrimp, Shane Hayes)

Issue 61 – Apr/15 (Find balance in your life, Spring pesto, Natasha Hebert)

Issue 62 – May/15 (Comfortable being uncomfortable, Paleo orange poppyseed muffins, David Flinn)

Issue 63 – June/15 (Aging is bullshit, Paleo Keylime pie, Heather Proudfoot)

Issue 65 – July/15 (How to unlock your athletic potential through good posture, Protein packed Greek salad, Anthony Streatch)

Issue 66 – Aug/15 (Four ways to trick yourself to better performance, Zucchini and sweet potato frittata, Heidi Daigle)

Issue 67 – Sept/15 (Dealing with an injury, Paleo cherry crisp, Bill Cantelo)

Issue 68 – Oct/15 (I am not my performance, Spicy Beef Stir Fry, Melanie Gallant)

Issue 69 – Nov/15 (Definition of success, Paleo Chili, Gerry Smith, CrossFit Trivia)

Issue 70 – Dec/15 (Better mobility, Chocolate Peppermint Whoopie Pie, Kelly Black)

Issue 71- Jan/15 (New Years Resolutions, One Pot Paleo Chili, Year in Profile)

Issue 72 – Feb/15 (Reasons to do the Open, Maple Grilled Salmon, Davis Weatherby)

Issue 73 – Mar/15 (Self-guided Therapy – Bad Idea, Buffalo Chicken Crockpot, Tara Betts)