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Habit-based Nutrition Program

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If you made a small change to your nutrition every day, imagine how far you’d go in a year!

Habits are created by doing small things over and over. And we have a PROVEN plan to get you there.

The Precision Nutrition program starts with a questionnaire. We dig deep into your life, your current habits and your goals. This will allow a fully-customized approach to YOUR plan.

Here’s how it works:

Every day – you get a lesson to read and a small task to do.

Every week – you measure and record your progress.

Every 2 weeks – you get a new habit to try and practice. Some will have Level 1 or Level 2.

Every month – you upload a photo as part of your progress tracking.

We’ll start with concrete habits and evolve into more open-ended habits midway though. This gives you a chance to create a solid foundation and build off your successes.

Lastly, you’re not left on your own. While the platform to this program is online, you will have a coach following you through your 12 month journey with unlimited email support. We are here to motivate you, help you through struggles, and answer any questions you have.

BONUS!! With any option, you get to meet with your coach every month, in-person or through online video, to help keep you on track. 

Payment options:

THE TOTAL PACKAGE – $1149 (you get 20 one-hour private training sessions AND the 12 month nutrition program – save $707!)

ANNUAL – $799 one time payment (save $149)

MONTHLY – $79 for 12 months


We also do body fat testing! The InBody scanner provides a deeper understanding of your physical strengths and weaknesses. The InBody 270 will give you a breakdown of body fat percentage at various locations throughout your body, water weight, muscle mass, BMI, and metabolic rate. A coach will help you interpret your results, so you can make an informed decision on your next step.

Advice before your scan.

Reserve your scan today.


“I’ve been working with Kevin for a few months now through Precision Nutrition. It’s changing my relationship with food! I am happy, satisfied, and seeing results all at the same time! I made it through the holidays with only one extra pound…that’s a testament to how successful this program is for me! I’m also seeing lots of gains in the gym…lifting heavier, jumping higher, planking longer, etc. I can’t wait to see what the new year and the rest of the program will bring!!”


“It’s real simple with Kevin, he has the knowledge and the personality and mad teaching skills to help anyone willing to make changes achieve their goals.”


“I started Precision Nutrition last year – a couple months before becoming pregnant with our second child. I quickly saw my mindset around food improve and the scale started to decrease.
Precision nutrition and CrossFit Moncton worked in conjunction to allow me to stay active and gain a healthy amount of weight instead of becoming a couch potato.”