What Our Gym Offers



Whether you choose group classes, personal training, or online training, we make CrossFit accessible to everyone, regardless of experience! Movements are varied, functional, and effective, and our workouts are designed so that all can participate and succeed. Our Level Method programming and trained coaching staff ensure you are learning in a safe, supported, and inclusive environment while working toward your health and fitness goals.

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Nutrition/In-Body Scan

We all know that the key to good health is good nutrition, but knowing how to properly fuel your body to get the results you want can be confusing! Learn how to make the right choices for you and your goals by focusing on one habit at a time, building on each as you go. Work one-on-one with our nutrition coach to prioritize your needs and habits, discover healthier practices, stay accountable, and of course, work steadily toward a healthier you.

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Our new mindset programming is for anyone who is interested in pursuing a more well-rounded approach to wellness by including mental and emotional tools and practices in daily life. Setting yourself up for success by practicing small but very healthy habits that encourage positivity, gratitude, creativity, and personal growth can be life-changing. Learn about meditation and breathing, coping strategies and resiliency practices, setting and crushing personal goals, and challenge yourself to be the best YOU you can be!

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CrossFit Youth

We offer a variety of options for youth, including lifting classes, team training, birthday parties, and special events for groups. Our top coaches will prioritize two things: safety and fun.

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