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Why invest in group training?

  • Group training will prepare you for anything life throws at you.
  • Each day, you’ll do a challenging workout that combines fun, safe, and effective movements.
  • Develop lasting community relationships that help keep you accountable.
  • Working out in a group is just plain fun!

What you’ll get:

Expert Coaches

All of our coaches undergo a rigorous certification and evaluation process before leading group classes. It’s their job to make sure the workouts are safe and appropriate for each member.


Many of our clients tell us they look forward to working out for the first time in their lives. We want your time at the gym to be the highlight of your day. 


We make it easy to stick with CrossFit because every day is different. Boredom isn’t something people experience at our facility. We have members that have been with us for over 10 years, and they’re still seeing results.


We are CrossFit for everyday people, trying to get or stay in shape so we can live a long and active life. It’s an amazing feeling when you’re surrounded by likeminded people, who cheer you on through the good and bad. 

*No long-term contracts

*We do not offer discounts. Our price is as affordable as we can make it right now. We give the same level of service to every member at the same price.

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