The Fallen

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  1. Amanda Hunt

    Mobility and Warm up

    “The Fallen” – COVID Version

    AMRAP in 30 min
    Run 400m
    20 Burpees

    Completed 7th round 400m run by time cap.

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  2. Fred

    “The Fallen”
    AMRAP in 30 min
    400m Run
    20 Burpees
    Score – 7 rounds + 6 burpees

    Slow burn on this one. Around round 4-5 you get the gist of it and the runs get a little slow.

  3. John Hunt

    The Fallen 2021

    AMRAP in 30 min
    400m Run
    20 Burpees

    8 Rounds + 200m run (finished around 30:15)

    The Fallen 2020 results,
    7 Rounds + unknown distance on the run (timer stop when I was on the run)

    Thanks Kevin!

  4. Joe

    The fallen
    8 full rounds plus 400m run.
    Better than last year.
    Future Joe you don’t need breaks between sets of 10 burpees. Also no pasta for lunch.

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