Flexibility, Neuro & Core, Run Tests

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  1. Amanda Hunt

    Mobility and Warm-up

    10 MIN TO TEST
    Levelled up to Brown III !!
    Thanks John for your help!!

    Attempted 25 doubles alternating Singles.

    10 MIN TO TEST
    400m – <1:50
    **Completed in 1:35 mins.
    Levelled up to Blue III !!

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  2. Catherine Wilson

    Mobility and Warm-up

    10 MIN TO TEST
    Tested 6″ then 2″ with PVC, next time will be with the bar.
    Leveled to Purple 1
    Checked my notes and the last tabata sit ups was only 6.

    Managed to get a DU, then 3 in 1 Minute.

    Thanks Andrea for the pacing 😉

    10 MIN TO TEST
    Didn’t attempt the running one due to the right thigh issue.
    Decided to keep working on getting the DU’s, which obviously worked.

    Thanks Ingrid!

  3. John Hunt

    Flexibility Test

    Tested Black (Need to work on some things)

    Neuro & Core Test (Practiced Double unders)

    Run Test (7:01) Black to Brown III

    Thanks Kevin!

  4. Kristen

    Flexibility – Just worked on some ankle mobility. Least favourite test of all time.
    Skipping – Just did some double unders
    Running – Did the mile. Levelled up from Purple III to Brown I! 8:28! Two running PR in a week! YAHOO

  5. Joe

    Home WOD
    5 Rds
    1000m row
    10 db press per arm 45#

    Didn’t really watch the clock. Went for quality. Trying to make my legs work again after yesterday

  6. Janet Sommerville

    Tried for brown 3 but missed by 1 rep

    Went from Purple 1 to Purple 8:57

    Ang Steeves pretty sure this day was a tie lol

  7. Stacey Simpson

    Levelled up my run!
    9:29 for 1 mile = Purple
    Neuro – 18 doubles alternated with singles. Need 25 to get next level (Blue)

  8. Kelly B

    1 mile run
    8:04…levelled down but I have those 5 seconds in me for next time

    Practiced DUs

    Practiced flexibility with PVC pipe…damn ankles

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