You’ve been waiting for the 1RM day to come so you can get a PR on your shoulder press. Warm-up feels pretty good. The build up sets feel alright, but a little heavy. You load up the bar for your last set. Deep breath. Go! You start to make noises that you didn’t know a human could make. No matter how red your face gets, the bar will not go up.


No one likes to write that in their journal.

How do you deal with not getting a PR? Do you let it bother you? Do you see it as something to work on?

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  1. Ang

    Definitely something to work on. If I don’t get it that try doesn’t mean I won’t get it next time. I’ve hit a lot of PRs and I’ve missed even more 🤣

  2. Joe

    Just means more work needs to get done
    Finally found time to jump on the rower. It’s been a busy weekend of baby and mowing lawns
    30min row. Just shy of 7000m. Nice and easy.

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