Wet feet

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  1. Amanda

    5k run in the rain!
    My feet are still a bit of a mangled mess from hiking Cape Chignecto last weekend so I wasn’t sure if I was going to do 3k or 5k when I headed out but ended up doing the 5k.
    Very happy with my time considering I stopped twice to check on two of our runners.
    I think, after 11 years, I can finally sat I’m alright at running. 🙂

  2. Catherine Wilson (Not as slow as a Snail)

    Mobility and Warm-up

    3 Km Run

    Completed @ 25:40
    My 1st time doing this one, as I leveled it up in the Spring Into Running Class.

    7:15 had no rain 😀

    Thanks Ingrid!

  3. Kelly B

    5km run (or 4.8ish?)
    Time: 28:25
    PR for sure.
    Thanks Allyson for being my running buddy and Gabe for “bringing us home”. Both of you contributed to a great running morning 🙂

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