The Flex


The Flex

Overhead Squats
20 min to build to a set of 3 reps

15-12-9 reps
OHS (95/65#)
Push Press

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  1. Cheryl

    Overhead Squats x3: 35-40-45-50-55#

    15-12-9 reps
    OHS (35#)
    Push Press
    >> 5:32
    Completed first set unbroken. Put the bar down b/n movements for the 2nd & 3rd sets.

    Thanks Ingrid!

  2. Elba

    Overhead Squats x3:

    15-12-9 reps
    OHS (65lbs)
    Push Press
    >> 2:44

    First two rds unbroken, break and last round unbroken!
    Thanks Julia 😃

  3. Catherine Wilson

    Warm Up and Mobility

    Overhead Squats x5:

    15, 25, 35, 45, 50, 55
    Very happy with this today, as the most I had done before was 40lbs. 🙂

    15-12-9 reps
    OHS (35#)
    Push Press

    First 15 OHS done at 45, but realized that the Push Press wouldn’t work at that weight.
    Dropped to 35 for the remaining workout.


    Thanks Ingrid for having the big fan going today!

  4. Christie Neate

    Overhead Squats
    20 min to build to a set of 3 reps
    55-65-75-75-85-85. I was happy these + snatch felt good

    15-12-9 reps
    OHS (55#)
    Push Press

    3:44 *Set of 15’s unbroken, Set of 12 and 9 broke one quickly, those transitions were tricky.
    Thanks Julia!

  5. Amanda Hunt

    WOD (Purple/Blue)

    OHS x 3
    35# x 3 – 45# x 3 – 55# x 3 (x 3 rounds)
    (Hesitant to increase weight didn’t want to irritate shoulder.)

    OHS (55#)
    Push Press

    **Completed @ 5:38 mins.
    All sets of movements unbroken…rest was in between movements. I would put bar down after OHS for a couple seconds before starting Push Press.

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  6. CrossFitMoncton

    OHS x3

    WOD @ 95#

    Got the 15’s UB
    12 OHS UB.
    8+4 push press
    And everything was a blur after that

  7. Blake

    Man I love OHS.
    OHS x 3 to 155

    WOD @ 95#

    15’s UB
    …then very broken
    …too broken
    …so broken

    I was not as mentally ready to for that WOD as I wanted to be but will enjoy(?) trying it again and trying to keep my focus.

    Great way to start the week!
    Thanks Coach Kevin!

  8. Shane Hayes

    Strength, built up to 205 for 3
    Lockout was tough this morning. Haven’t done these in a while.

    Wod at 95#
    15, 15, 12 unbroken
    12, 9 unbroken set the bar down and
    9 pp


    That was fun!! Should have just sucked it up and not put it down. Sub 2 next time!!

    Fun 6 am, miss the crew.
    Thanks for the great class Ingrid!!

  9. Ang

    Overhead Squats
    20 min to build to a set of 3 reps


    15-12-9 reps
    OHS (45#)
    Push Press


    Thanks Kevin

  10. Gabriel

    Biked to CFRM

    Overhead Squats
    65-85-95-115-135-way to fast and got out of balance for the 135 so take down some weight and redo for quality…

    15-12-9 reps
    OHS (75#)
    Push Press

    Merci Ingrid!

  11. Samantha Both

    OHS – 45/55/75/80/85/90/95

    WOD @ 65# — 4:53

    I echo Blake’s comments on this one. I’d like another crack at it. I just didn’t have unbroken in me today.

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