Heads up


Heads up

Only the 9am class on Saturday. The trainers will be partaking in Professional Development sessions this weekend.

2 rounds
50 cal Row/Bike
100 Double Unders
800m Run

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  1. Amanda Hunt

    Mobility and Warm-up

    WOD (Brown/Orange/Blue)

    2 Rounds
    50 Cal Row
    80 Single Unders
    800 m Run

    Round 1 – 9:11 mins
    Round 2 – 9:32 mins

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  2. Cheryl

    2 rounds
    30 cal Row (yellow) – (2:55/ 3:02)
    100 Single Unders (blue) – lots of tripping this morning!
    800m Run (purple)
    >> 18:33

    Good one! Thanks for the rowing tips Julia.

  3. Christie Neate

    2 rounds (Orange)
    35 cal Bike (3:40 and 3:50)
    80 Single Unders (quick, no tripping)
    600m Run (basically a snail pace BUT I did not stop … which was really my only goal, so yay.)

    Total Time = 19:13
    Thanks Julia!

  4. Catherine Wilson

    2 Rounds (Orange, Yellow, Orange)
    35 Cal Row
    40 Single Unders
    600m Run

    This was a decent run for me, I’d say I maybe walked 50 meters?, which is my lowest to date.

  5. Audrey

    2 rounds
    45 cal Bike
    100 SU
    800m Run

    Round 1: 10:50
    Round 2: 12:17

    45 cal on the bike was quite a challenge!
    I’m glad I decided not to go with the 50 I was supposed to do…. but not so happy with my decision to use the bike today XD

  6. David Wiens

    2 rounds
    45 cal Bike
    50 DU/DU Attempts
    800m Run

    Time 20:30

    The bike was deadly. Happy I committed to the DU in order to get better at them. I still alternate between singles and doubles but was able to string them together decently.

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