Why rest makes workouts harder


Why rest makes workouts harder

Some people commented on the last few weeks of workouts. They said they noticed there was a lot of rest built into them.

But that didn’t mean they were easier.

In fact, it’s actually making them tougher.

When you know there’s a rest period coming up, you’re able to push harder. You increase your intensity. You push for extra reps, trying to maintain an unbroken set. You find that next gear.

If the rest wasn’t there, you’d break early. You’d slow down. Your intensity drops.

So when you see rest built in – be scared. You know it’s going to hurt. But it just means better results 🙂

The aftermath

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  1. Joe McSheffery

    Home WOD
    Row 2 min @ 28 s/m rest 1 min
    8 Rds
    4286m total of work.

    Emom 10 min
    Ring row started at 5
    35 total 5/5/5/5/3/3/3/2/2/2

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