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Spring – time for change

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The days are getting longer. The weather is warming up. People are coming out of hibernation. Is this year going to be the same as last year? Or are you going to do something different?

Maybe you want to get better at pullups. Or maybe you don’t want to be intimidated by running workouts.

In order for development or change to happen, you first have to decide. That’s a lot different than wishing and hoping. If you hope to get to the gym 4 days a week, you’re not deciding anything. You’re letting outside factors decide for you.

So what are you going to decide? After deciding, being consistent with choices and habits will get you to grow. Consistency can be hard, and that’s what coaches are for. If no one needed help, CrossFit Moncton wouldn’t be around.

Here are some things we can help with:

Nutrition (building habits, one at a time, to improve your health)
Skill sessions (pick a skill and let a coach help you progress safer and faster)
Running (clinic starting April 18)
Feeling comfy (we have joggers for sale)

Not sure what you need help with? Book us for a free goal setting session!

Corinne’s private sessions helped her with 21.3!

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2 Responses to “Spring – time for change”

  1. 30 min row
    7302 m.
    Medium effort

  2. Signed up for the running clinic, ordered my joggers and committed to 4 days a week at the gym. Even while on vacation. Next up, portion control!

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