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  1. Ryanne

    Well most of us arn’t in running shape, but goes to show consitant fitness still pays off. Haven’t ran a 5k in a couple years, just our 1 miles and some intervals

    5k run – 24:47 – heart rate between 140/160 so didn’t push it too hard and felt great!

  2. Amanda Hunt

    Mobility and Warm-up

    Run Testing Completed!!
    400m – 2:06mins (Level Blue Achieved)

    Haven’t run in a very long time but look forward to building on my skill level!

    Thanks Shane!!

  3. Fred

    5K run
    Time: 25:00
    Maintained a nice 10k pace throughout, run felt good and happy with the time… A little surprised actually.

    Previous times:
    … couple of min off my PR time from a few years back

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