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Deck of Deck

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This is a fan favourite! Slight difference without pullups. Maybe a better chance of finishing?

Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Situps
Clubs = KBS
Spades = Squats
Jokers = 500m Row/30 cal Bike

Start by drawing the top card and do that many reps of the suit. For example, if you draw the 9 of Hearts, you’re doing 9 burpees. Face cards are all worth 10. Aces are 1. The goal is to get through the whole deck as fast as you can. There is a 25 min time cap.


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6 Responses to “Deck of Deck”

  1. Home workout.
    5 rounds of 8 reps @ 30lbs dumbbells
    Seated shoulder press
    Front Squats
    Floor press
    Bend over rows
    Rest a min between rounds

    Time: 11:30

    Then ran 2k.

  2. Great picture Julia – conquering fears and getting the job done❣️

  3. Total movements – 311
    10 squats
    14 KBS
    5 sit ups
    ZERO burpees and started with 48 straight.

    Fun workout!

  4. Deck of death: finished in 21:56

    Thanks everyone for the birthday burpees

  5. Had about 100 meters left and 6 situps at time cap

  6. This is always a fun one. Must say, I enjoy the KB over pull ups 🙂
    At time cap had 49 reps left + 250 m row (I was on the rower at 25 min.)

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