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Simple, Not Easy

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Simple, but not easy, is one way to describe this workout.
Don’t skimp out on the warm-up. It’s going to be worth it to get extra warm before today.
Pushups – knees, toes, elevated – no matter which version, you’re going to have to break them up. Do it well before you reach failure. And get ready for the 2nd round 🙂
Front Squats – The Tabata is 20 sec on, 10 sec off, for 8 rounds. Use any weight that you can maintain 20 seconds of work with. Really, the workout will be hard even without weight.
Your score is both time to complete and the reps of the front squats.
Hit me up with any questions you may have.

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17 Responses to “Simple, Not Easy”

  1. WU + M

    WOD @ 75#
    40 push-ups(10,10,10,10)
    Tabata front squats(9,9,7,7,7,7,7,8)
    40 push-ups(5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5)

    Time: 11:27

  2. WOD @ Brown
    50 Pushups
    Tabata Front Squats-Used 2-35# DB’s
    50 Pushups

    Time–> 8:52
    Tabata–>64 reps

    Had to think on how to run my timer and tabata apps simultaneously but it worked great. I recorded a video of my workout in case it did not 😛

    Thanks Kevin!

    • Detailed summary:
      Pushups I did for the 1st set 20-5-5-then 2’s and singles to finish. Took about 2 minutes
      Tabata was all 8’s. I could in some have done 9’s but the transition to pick up the DB’s was a factor. You don’t get a real 10 sec rest 😛
      2nd set 10-5-5-then 2’s and singles to the end. Took about 3 minutes

  3. Blue
    40 Pushups
    Tabata squat (lost count of reps)
    40 Pushups

  4. Warmup and mobility. Hamstrings were feeling the Wed workout.

    WOD – 1x30lb DB
    40 push-ups(10,10,10,10)
    Tabata front squats(12, 13, 12, 11×5) = 92 reps
    40 push-ups(10,10,10,5,5)


    Thank you CFM!

  5. 40 Push-ups
    Tabata Front Squats w/ 25# DB
    40 Push-ups

    86 Front Squats
    7:34 (3:09 + 4:25)

  6. Warmup & Mobility

    40 Table Push-ups
    Tabata Squats 20#
    40 Table Push-ups

    Tabata was 9(2), 8(6) for 66 Reps

    Spicy. I used two timers for this workout. Push-up sets were 10s for the first round but the second rounder was just a grinder to get them done. Mostly 5’s.

  7. 40 Push-ups
    Tabata Front Squats w/ 20# DB
    11-12-12-12-13-12-12-13 = 97 reps
    40 Push-ups
    Didn’t keep track of overall time.

    Happy Friday!

  8. 5 Burpees a minute for 20 minutes. 40 wide arm pushups from my knees. 40 wide legged squats ( I read a book called hyperbolic stretching). 40 pushups. 40 penguine jumps with double taps. a few actual double unders. 40 saddle situps. 3 minutes eah side turkish getups with a shoe. THEN I ate almost vegan lentil loaf I made with ‘jerk’ spices instead of the recipe spices and it is SO delicious.

  9. 40 Push ups
    Tabata front squats 45# barbell
    40 Push ups

    Time: 7:57
    Reps: 84

    Thanks Kevin!

  10. 50 Pushups
    Tabata FS (85#)
    50 Pushups

    10-10-10-10-9-9-9-8 = 75 Front Squats

  11. WU & Mobility


    40 Box Push-ups
    Tabata Front Squats
    11-12-12-12-12-11-11-12 (93 reps total)
    40 Box Push-ups

    Time: 8:51 🙂

  12. 40 push ups
    8 Round Tabata Front Squats 2ith 25# DB (20 sec. work/10 sec rest\0
    40 push ups

    Time 10:17

    Missed this one on Friday morning so went back for it Saturday afternoon.

  13. 40 coffee table pushups
    Tabata air squats
    40 coffee table pushups


  14. 50 Push-ups
    Tabata Wall Sits (unbroken)
    50 Push-ups

    TIME: 10:17

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