More odd objects


More odd objects

Use a Bumper Plate, medball, slamball, DB, backpack, sandbag, book, water jug, or whatever works, for the Ground to OH. This is true, old-fashioned “odd-object” training! Grasp it, touch it to the floor, then raise it overhead (like a Devil’s press or Muscle Snatch).

Shoulders & core will get taxed quickly, but keep movement steady.

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  1. Jackie

    Warmup & Mobility

    12 GToOH &20#
    30 Sec Bent Hollow Rock
    40 Shoulder Taps


    Totally agree with Gabe…those shoulder taps were tough!

  2. Karen Cormier

    8 rounds
    Ground-to-Overhead – used Ruck
    30 Sec Hollow Rocks – no breaks around 192 in total
    40 Shoulder Taps

    Time 22:09

    Cashout-Solid 5 Minute Plank with Ruck on Back- (this was Hard Kevin)!!
    300 Crunches with ankle weights
    20 Minute Road Bike Ride

    Keep up the great work everyone!

    1. Jordan Sanipass

      3 rounds (10#dbs) – time 16:46
      30 curls
      30 strict presses
      30 side lateral raise
      30 hammer curls
      30 up right rows
      30 push press
      30 curls
      1 min rest

      Didn’t put the dumbbells down until the round was done. Forearm burn!

  3. Neil

    Blue wod
    8 rds
    12 G2OH (30#kb)
    30 sec Bent hollow rocks
    30 shoulder taps (2ct)


    Broke shoulder taps in half for last 4 rounds. Probably pretty thumpy for the downstairs neighbor!

  4. heididaigle

    8 Rounds:
    12 – S2OH with a 20# DB
    30 Seconds of Hollow Rock
    40 Shoulder Taps (double count)
    Time – 23:23

    Shoulders to OH were a treat. Not so much the HR and ST (the shoulder taps were AWFUL)

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