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One Sweaty Movement

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This workout is so simple, but so…spicy. You don’t need any equipment except maybe a table or chair if you want to make the bodybuilders easier. On the 8-count bodybuilders, don’t rush. These are NOT burpees — each pushup should be done perfectly and with control. When you’re in the plank position and jumping your feet out, stay STABLE. Don’t sacrifice form.

As you move through, breathing will be a factor … BREATHE through. Pushup fatigue will come, and that’s ok — manage the fatigue, slow down the pace… but KEEP MOVING.

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10 Responses to “One Sweaty Movement”

  1. Last night, I could already start to feel my weekend lazy settling in so I decided to get up and get my workout done so I could just relax after work and not battle myself to workout.

    Iā€™m not sure if I did this right but, I definitely felt the spice.

    WOD, in 18 minutes
    MAX 8 count bodybuilders on 24ā€ 21-21-21-21-16
    Every 3 minutes, 1 minute of skipping

  2. WOD@Brown
    In 18 mins:
    MAX 8-Count Bodybuilders
    *every 3 mins, run for 1 minute.

    Me think it should have been 19 minutes to get exactly 3 minutes for each set of 8cBB’s šŸ˜‰

    Thanks Kevin!

  3. WOD@Blue
    In 18 mins:
    MAX 8-Count Bodybuilders
    *every 3 mins, high knees for 45 seconds.

    22-20-18-17-18 = 95 reps

    Totally related to the weekend laziness comment. Took a bit to get going this morning so did a couple extra rounds of warm-up.

    Thanks Kevin.

  4. WOD @ Blue with treadmill running
    89 Reps

    Sweaty one for sure!

    Happy Friday šŸ˜€

  5. WOD@Brown
    117 BodyBuilders in total, low knees.
    Cashout – 200 crunches – two different styles, 100 bicycle with ankle weights.

    2nd WOD this evening will be 20 minutes of biking (road bike on stand) and a 5 minute plank.

    Alot of fun!!

  6. In 18 mins
    Max 8-count bodybuilders
    25/24/25/26/21 total 121

    Did penguin.

    Did extra:
    Db Linda chipper
    For time: 19:28

    100 Db deadlifts(40#)
    80 Db bench press(40#)
    60. Db cleans(30#)
    40. Bench press(30#)
    20. Deadlifts(30#)

  7. In 18 mins
    Max 8-count bodybuilders
    every 3 mins, Penguin jumps


    Thanks Kevin!

  8. Didn’t feel like bodybuilders….so I did thrusters?

    5 Rds
    Max kB thrusters 50#
    Max plank
    Rest 2 min

    8:35 total plank time

  9. In 18 mins:
    MAX 8-Count Bodybuilders
    *every 3 mins, skip for 1 minute.
    22-17-18-17-18 92 total

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