Core work


Core work

Quality of movement is our number one focus!

A yoga mat is all you need for today’s workout (really just for comfort.) Accumulate these reps in any way you choose — breaking it into rounds is easier, and hardest is to go straight through as written.

Regardless of strategy, take this opportunity to focus on movement quality. Rest as needed, but work to stay steady the entire workout. Add “weight” to the Glute Bridges by using only one leg, or by stacking books (or anything) on your hips, GET CREATIVE!

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  1. Gabriel

    WOD @ Brown with alternating Glute Bridges every 10 reps.
    Kept all movements at a steady pace. Still was a bit sweaty at the end.

    Thanks Kevin!

  2. David Wiens

    WOD @ Blue
    Burpees and glute bridges unbroken at a steady pace
    Mountain climbers broke up into set of 20.

    Sweaty mess at the end.

    Txs Kevin.

  3. Jordan sanipass

    I did extra work this morning:
    5 rounds x 8 reps(30#)
    Db z press
    Db front Squats
    Db deadlift
    Db floor press
    Db bent over row
    Rest 1 min

    I broke up the wod @ brown:
    4 rounds
    20 burpees
    25 glute bridges
    30 mountain climbers (2count)

    Time: 14:53

  4. Matthew Horsman

    Brown wod as posted – slow and steady with a box of magazines for glute bridges, and broke mountain climbers into mostly sets of 10 with short stops.

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