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Red Phase Workout

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Pay attention here. The Pistols/Lunges/Squat reps go up by 10 each round, but the pushups and planks remain the same each round. Get as far as you can in the 15 minutes. Post results to comments.

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23 Responses to “Red Phase Workout”

  1. 10-20-30-40-50-60 + 10 lunges
    10-10-10-10-10-10 push-ups
    30-30-30-30-30-30 sec plank

  2. Wod
    I started with 10 pistols after the first set I switched to forward lunges. I made up to 58 reps of the forward lunges. Was working to get to 60 reps.

  3. WOD@Brown
    With a 15 minute clock,
    15 Pushups
    30 sec Plank

    5 rounds + 7 Pistols
    Just finished the 50 pistols with less than 1:30 left.
    Did not expect to have completed the 50’s

    Thanks Kevin!

  4. Warm Up and Mobility

    Forward Lunges (increasing by 10 each round)
    12 Table Top Push-ups (same each round)
    30 Second Plank (same each round)

    Finished 48 lunges in the round of 60 (5R, 48 Lunges)

    I have to say, being sore from pushups and front squats, this was an interesting WOD!

    Thanks Kevin.

  5. WOD@Brown and purple
    With a 15 minute clock,
    15 Pushups
    30 sec Plank

    Did 10 pistols each round then finished with lunges

    Did the 50 (10 pistols 40 lunges) plus 10 pushups. Finished the round after the clock

  6. WOD@Brown

    90 Pistols in total
    4 rounds 30 pistols ( 1 count )

    Thanks Kevin! it was fun!!

  7. WOD @ Purple
    60 lunges + 9 Pushups

    So hard to workout with the dog. Definitely lost time but can’t say I wanted to do anymore lunges🤢

  8. Cashout – solid 10 minute plank (no breaks) this is a PR for me, previous record was a 7 minute plank. Wow!!

  9. WOD at Blue
    60 Lunges + 2 pushups

    20 min run to warm up & get some fresh air

    My arms are still fried from Monday.

  10. With a 15 min clock:
    10-20-30-40-…etc Forward Lunges
    12 pushups (24” on my steps)
    30 sec plank

    50 lunges + 9 pushups

  11. With a 15 min clock
    Forward Lunges
    10 push ups
    30 sec plank

    6 Rounds + 44/70 lunges
    Liked that one 👍

    Thanks Kevin!!

  12. With a 15 min clock
    Forward Lunges
    10 push ups
    30 sec plank

    5 rounds + 60 lunges

  13. Misread the WOD and did air squats instead of lunges. Wooops.

    10-20-30-40…air squats
    12 couch push-ups
    30 sec plank

    Finished 33/60 squats.

  14. Finished 13 of 70 lunges w/ rounds of 10 pushups.

  15. Mostly brown can’t pistol yet
    10-20-30 etc
    15 pushups
    30s plank

    Finished 70 set got 15 pushups on 80 done.
    360 single count lunges
    120 pushups Amanda quality unbroken
    Plank unbroken.

  16. Did a version of the WOD with many interruptions! Started with one round of left pistols, then left lunges, then switched to good mornings with an empty bar when the lunges were tweaking my knee…

    Finished in the round of 50 but definitely room for improvement. Just glad to get it in today!

  17. Went back for this one a day after.
    Finished Round of 50 lunges, 12 push ups, 30 sec plank
    + 40 lunges
    Leg Burn!

  18. WOD @ brown

    6 pistols into the round of 60.

  19. Wod @ brown
    10 push-ups in round 5

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