All squats


All squats

Front Squat x3
Build in weight

Max set of Unbroken Wall Balls
Rest 2 min


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  1. Cheryl

    Front Squat x5: 65-70-75-80-80

    Max set of Unbroken Wall Balls, Rest 2 min, Repeat
    – I misunderstood instructions (not the first time)
    and did 3 rounds of 11x wall balls @10#, with 2 min rest b/n rounds 2 + 3. Don’t ask!
    Thanks Shane 😁

  2. Fred

    Front Squat x3
    Build in weight
    [email protected]×10-135-165-185-205-215×3 (heavy but OK)… all unsupported / no belt

    Max set of Unbroken Wall Balls
    Rest 2 min
    33-34 w/ a couple of no rep air balls in each set… squat endurance is not my jam but happy with that second round

  3. Kelly B

    Front Squat x3

    Max set of Unbroken Wall Balls @14#
    Rest 2 min
    What can I say…went as anticipated 🤷‍♀️
    17, 21

    Thanks Shane.

  4. John Hunt

    Front Squat x3
    Build in weight

    Max set of Unbroken Wall Balls 20#
    Rest 2 min
    44-15-25 (lost balance on the second set, waited 2 minutes and started the third set)

    Thanks Julia!

  5. Daniel L Davey

    Front squats ×3

    Unbroken wall balls 20#
    First set 52
    Second set 32

    Wall balls and DUs are challenging to count on your own.

  6. Ang

    Front Squats 4-5 sets x 5 building
    55(WU) 66-75-85-95(x2)

    Max unbroken set of wallballs
    Rest 2 mins

    Modified to do at home
    Max unbroken one armed DB thrusters (15#)
    Rest 2 mins

    33 & 28

    Thanks Amanda for the help

  7. samanthaboth

    Front squats – 105/125/135/145/150

    Wallballs @ 14# – 35/33

    Kept losing rythm and then dropped the ball and lost balance each round.

  8. Elba

    FS x 3

    53 + 33

    Pulled something on my hamstring on rep 49, so now it’s a bit swollen, rest day tomorrow 😩

    But besides that, I enjoy WBs and they felt great today at least the first 49 😁

  9. Joe McSheffery

    Front squat x3
    95/135/155/185/205/205 for two

    Julia and Roxanne were critiquing my feet. They made me do my last set without shoes…..


    Thought I’d go for a third set. Two didn’t seem like enough. Then I thought why not make it an even 100.

    Thanks Julia for watching my rings

  10. Leanne daigle

    Front Squat x3
    85# to 130# x3

    Max set of Unbroken Wall Balls
    51 reps
    Rest 2 min
    49 reps
    Used 8# ball…usually 10# but coach talked me down! For good reason.

    Thanks for the tips Roxanne/Shane/Julia!
    Tonight’s ratios 3 coaches: 5 members.. good stuff!

  11. Aubrey

    Front squat x3

    25/17 could not get the ball high enough for the last three tries
    To short for that weight lol!

  12. heididaigle

    Front Squats x 3

    Max Wall Balls – 14# @ 9′
    Rest 2 minutes

    First round could have been more but I had a ‘leaky’ med ball with sand in my eyes 🙂

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