O Holy Fight Gone Bad


O Holy Fight Gone Bad

The first of a few holiday-themed workouts this season 🙂

Optional cashout:
Run run 800m Rudolph

Compare to Dec.23/19

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  1. Rémi F.

    Re-tested API
    WBs 20#
    HPC 75#
    BJs 24”
    PP 75#

    15-17-12-14-10 = 222 reps.

    Went from Blue II to Purple I.

  2. Cheryl

    API test – Leveled up from Orange 3 to Blue!! Yaaaay 😁

    Best part … finally got my box jumps back (haven’t done them since March COVID closure). And PR on wall balls (first time throwing 14#).

    Thanks Kevin!

  3. Jordan Sanipass

    “O Holy Fight Gone Bad”

    3 rounds for max reps
    Wod @ brown

    1st round: 105
    2nd round: 94
    3rd round: 100

    299 reps.

    Dec 23, 256 reps

    Ran 800m.

    This was a lung burner. Was super fun. Didn’t expect to get 299 reps. Since I was slacking on the wall balls

  4. Laura

    Brown level: 222 reps. Took the KBS and wallballs slow to not overload my wrist so not my best. Tried to go harder on the other movements

    Thanks Shane!

  5. John Hunt

    “O Holy Fight Gone Bad”

    3 rounds for max reps
    Wod @ purple

    1st round: 92
    2nd round: 78
    3rd round: 78

    248 reps.

    Thanks Julia!

  6. Kelly B

    O Holy Fight Gone Bad
    274 reps…did not have it in me to push any harder. I am drained this week.
    Used 10# WB, Brown other stuff.

    Thanks Shane

  7. heididaigle

    Max Reps of each for 1 minute. Rest 1 minute at end of each round

    Box Jumps: 15-15-16
    KBS @ 30#: 22-22-22
    Burpees: 10-9-8
    Wallballs: 15-15-15
    Row (CAL): 12-10-10
    Total Reps = 216

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