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Fun tests!

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All the tests are fun, but these ones are good!

Flexibility, Coordination, and Running!

See you in class.


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16 Responses to “Fun tests!”

  1. Flex. Completed Brown I

    Skipping. 38 DU unbroken. Blue level (need to test knees-to-elbow)

    Running. 7:57 mile. Purple II (previously Purple I).

  2. Flexibility – 35# @ 2” Brown 1 (no change)

    Coordination – DU practice – Orange 2 (no change)

    Running – 1 mile @ 9:10 – Purple 1 (no change)

  3. Flexibility:
    Practiced 30s OHS holds
    55 – 75 – 95 – 105 (22s)

    Double Unders
    Ab-Mat Situps (Butterfly)

    1 Mile – 8:04

    Haven’t done any of those things in a while so felt good to see where I am at.

  4. Flexibility:
    No change; did mobility.

    Did an 10 min EMOM of 10 DU’s

    400m in 2:09 … no change. Slow.

    Thanks Julia.

  5. Flexibility:
    15# Overhead Hold 5311 2in (Purple I to Purple III)
    45# Overhead Hold 5311 2in (Purple III to Brown III))

    Just fun DU’s
    40 unbroken doubles then 150 unbroken Singles
    Many triples but none consecutive.

    1 mile run
    Time–> 6:39
    Superb race Jordan!

    Merci Ingrid!

  6. Flexibility: black 3
    Coordination: did skipping practice with my new rope, will take getting used to
    Skipped the running, did some knees to elbow instead

    Thanks for putting up with my neediness today Blake 🤣

  7. Showed up late so missed about 20 min… work stuff 🙁


    Skipping: EMOM 10 min skipping 20-30 DU unbroken

    Running: Push the mile run and PR’ed with a time of 6:43 (new level to Black 1)

  8. Flexibility – leveled up to brown I
    Worked on DU – got several rounds of high 30’s low 40s. No PR. Will do Annie Next time
    Running – 7:08 Still Red I. No change

  9. Flexibility:
    15# Overhead Hold 5311 2in (Purple I to Purple III)
    45# Overhead Hold 5311 2in (Purple III to Brown III))

    25 alternative du (orange III to blue)

    Black II remained the same.

  10. Flexibility
    Worked on
    -35# wall squats 2″
    -35# wall squats 4″
    Next time 2″
    Still purple 3

    Worked on getting 10 dbl unders
    -got to 6
    Stayed at orange 3

    -200m …1.03
    -400m ….2.27
    Went down 1 to 0range 1

  11. Flexibility
    Stayed blue 2.
    Skipping strung some doubles together. Still worn out from Monday’s Annie.
    6:38. Missed black 2 by 3 seconds. Dropped a level. Oh well.

  12. Flexibility
    Wall squats 2” from wall 5311 pace with 45# x 5
    Purple lll to Brown lll

    10 DU in one minute
    Orange ll to Orange lll

    One mile @ 7:02 (PR of 18 seconds)
    Stayed at Brown lll

    Thanks Kevin!

  13. Flexibility
    Purple 2 (was blue 3)😀

    Did 5 DU’s unbroken
    Not sure how but it’s official!!
    Thanks coach!!


    Stayed at brown 1, thank God…
    Slight knee pain this weekend after a long run…tried to talk Amanda into letting me skip this to avoid further injury…she wasn’t buying. 😀😀I think she’s a pretty smart coach!!

    Good running 5 pm class. It was a little cold for me!

  14. Flexibility
    – Levelled up to Purple III (big deal for me to squat that close to a wall)

    – Practiced DU’s

    – 1 mile 8:44 not a PR but it was like -9 and pitch black out lol

    Thanks Ingrid!

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