Core WOD


Core WOD

Looks like we’ll be opening on Friday if all goes well in Zone 1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Gabriel

    5 minutes
    Practice Back Scales

    [email protected]
    Tabata Hollow Rocks (10-10-10-10-10-9-9-9)
    rest 1 min
    Tabata Hollow Holds -unbroken

    The 1st Tabata made he 2nd Tabata much more difficult 😛
    I bet that was the goal.

    Thanks Kevin!

  2. John

    Tabata Hollow Rocks 8-10-10-8-11-8-8-8
    rest 1 min
    Tabata Hollow Holds

    Ab Burner 🔥🔥
    And yes Kevin, there was a lot of swearing involved


  3. Ang

    Practice Back Scale for 5 mins
    25 sec intervals

    Orange WOD
    Tabata Bent Hollow Rocks
    Rest 1 min
    Tabata Bent Hollow Holds (unbroken)

    Plus I added
    Tabata Max Pushups from knees

  4. Diane O'Blenis

    Practice back scales……25 second intervals

    Double Tabata
    Did flutterkicks for first tabata round……didn’t count just kept kicking until it was time to stop

    1 minute rest

    Bent hollow hold

  5. Cheryl

    5 min back scale practice:
    – 30 sec R, 30 sec L, 15 sec rest, repeat
    – 1 min R, 30 sec rest,1 min L

    Tabata bent hollow rocks (held bent egs)
    ~ 13 / 20 sec
    Rest 1 min
    Tabata bent hollow holds
    – alternated single straight leg, then double bent leg

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