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Friday’s QOD

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Why do you think people fear running?

5k Run

Compare to Aug.22/19

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18 Responses to “Friday’s QOD”

  1. Run 3k = 16:40

  2. 5 K

    So muggy! Not my favourite running conditions, and still sweating! Nice work everyone.

  3. Run 5km
    Time: 31:53 not a PR but I am fine with that lol.

  4. Not sure why people hate it… I love it ❤️

    Run 3K

    2:20 PR woohooo

    Thanks Blake 🤣

  5. 5k Run

    New PR by 1:55 🥳

    Thanks Blake!

  6. 5K run – time: 24:57
    Last run time: 24:26
    … couple of min off my PR time from a few years back, happy with it considering little running this summer and overall level of fitness vs previous years.

  7. 5k = 31:57
    I had to walk twice because of a stitch in my side. Boo.
    And that’s like 4 mins off my best 5k.
    I love running in the heat, so I was happy to get to a class today since summer is winding down.

  8. 5k run
    23:04 – Yes! Finally a PR of 5 seconds from 5k done August 27 2013
    Was trying to beat this one for years

    Merci Ingrid!

  9. I assume they fear running as it probably stems from fight or flight. Humans only ran when they were in danger or catching food.

    Or it’s just running and it sucks.

    24:51 5k

  10. 5K
    My only goal was to run without stopping for a walking break and I succeeded so I’m pretty happy with that!

  11. 1 mile test = 8:12

    Helloooooo purple!

  12. I never was treximophobic but I can see it can be challenging. Got to set a goal and fight to achieve it.

  13. row 20 min
    4215 m

  14. Run 5K
    After a week’s vacation – no CrossFit classes & no running, I was very happy with completing the run unbroken. Similar time to previous 5k runs.

    Thanks for looking out for us Amanda!

  15. 5 km run: 33:35

    Compare of 30:53 from May 2019….that makes me sad 🙁

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