Officially 2 weeks since we closed. Wow man. How’s everyone holding up? I know working out at home can be tough (it is for me). What are you doing to stay motivated?

Something that might be harder than fitness during this time is nutrition. What are you struggling with? There’s a saying “If it’s in your house, either you or someone you love will eat it”. So, today’s homework is to chuck something out that doesn’t help you with your goals. Post in the comments what it was.

Also, if I hear “LOOK AT THIS” one more time, I’m going to lose it.

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

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  1. Blake

    I re-started tracking my food in-take into the MyFitnessPal app. I don;t have any particular goals in mind, but recording what I eat does seem to help keep me accountable.
    On a 7 day streak so hopefully I can keep it going.

  2. Angela Steeves

    Shoulder Taps
    3 sets of 50
    Rested 2 Mins between each set

    For Time
    50 sit-ups
    50 DU (100 skips)
    50 sit-ups
    50 lunges
    50 sit-ups
    50 burpees
    50 sit-ups


  3. Joe

    I’m with Blake, myfitnesspal has been a great help. Overall, taking it one day at a time. I can’t risk chucking anything out as my wife is pregnant as you never know at what point you may need it.

  4. Jeff Leech


    Max ttb sets x 2

    Turkish get ups x 10 #53 kb

    50 mountain climbers
    5 ttb
    50 grasshoppers
    5 ttb
    50 sit ups
    50 leg levers
    50 flutter kicks

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