Things are getting spicy! There seems to be a demon living in our house. She’s short, blonde, and won’t shut up about puppies. I used to think THIS was a joke, but it’s actually real life.

Made an obstacle course with duct tape. Didn’t end well. 1 out of 5 star review.

I’m going to ask the office lady if she’d like to watch a movie. Any recommendations? It’s a shame we’ll have to sit 6 feet apart. With separate popcorn bowls. But it will be nice.

Oh, and don’t forget to floss!

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.


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  1. Angela Steeves

    41 bday burpees for Melissa

    Floor Press x6

    AMRAPS in 10 mins

    10 jumping squats
    15 HR pushups 🤢
    25 flutter kicks (2 count)

    280 reps

  2. John Gunn

    41 birthday burpees as warmup

    AMRAP 20 min w 30# ruck
    10 overhead ruck presses
    20 ruck pushups (knees, ruck on back)
    30 ruck sit-ups (ruck on chest)
    40 ruck squats (ruck on front)
    100m ruck

    2 rounds + 12 pushups

    Every bit of this was harder than I anticipated.

  3. John Hunt

    Floor Press build up to a heavy set of 6

    AMRAP in 10 mins

    10 Jumping squats
    15 HR pushups
    20 Flutter kicks (2 count)

    243 Reps

  4. Jeff Leech

    25 minute amrap
    10 goblet squats #53 kB
    10 single arm kbs left
    10 single arm kbs right
    25 du
    6 handstand shoulder taps

    Add 10 goblet squats every round.
    Heather made this one up and it was a doozie. We finished 6 rounds.

  5. Cheryl

    For time, Run 1 mile

    First run of the year (besides the level testing for 200 & 400 meters), kept it to an easy jog, no stops.
    = 11:50
    (June 19, 2019 = 8:57)

    Also did a 20 min Pilates band workout. Won’t be able to do that again as every band I had broke (so old).

    Plus 41 b’day burpees (scaled to down ups, stepping back & up, slight jump at the top)… partner sleeping off night shift. Quiet burpees 🤫

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