Test Week


Test Week

This is the start of our strength cycle. We will be testing some of our lifts this week. Make sure you get in each day if you can.

Back Squat
Build to a 1RM

1000m Row for time

Compare to Oct.29/18


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  1. Mark

    1RM Back Squat
    315#…still more in the tank. Thanks Gilles and Gabe

    1000m Row for time

    TIME: 3:36…slower than last time, didn’t pace it right

  2. Back Squat 1RM
    115×5 – 140×3 – 160×2 – 180×1 – 190×1 – 200×1 – 210×1 – 220×1 (FAIL)

    First time squatting heaving in over 10 months, I was hoping to beat bodyweight (196) and I did! Little short of my previous 1RM but I suspect that’s gonna come back soon 🙂

    1000m row – 3:51.7 (~2 seconds faster than last time, but not quite PR)

  3. Del

    Back Squat
    Build to a 1RM
    1000m Row for time
    3:13 was 3:10

    Thanks Kevin!

    7 Rounds For Time
    15 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
    15 Power Cleans (95/65 lb) 6-5-4
    15 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

  4. Back Squat
    Build to a 1RM

    Not only was that a PR, but also the first time I’ve squatted over 125# (only tested 5RM and 3RM in the past).

    Thanks Amanda and Julie for sharing the bar!

    1000m Row for time: 4:07

    Thanks Blake!

  5. Fred

    Back Squat
    Build to a 1RM
    120(x5)- 145(x3)-165(x2)-195-205-215-225-235-245-255 (PR) -260# (failed but could have gotten it… gave up)
    Previous PR: 340#

    1000m Row for time – 3:35
    Previous PR: 3:37

    First ever double PR day, which is considered a PR makes it a triple PR day… LOL

  6. Heather Skeard

    Back squats
    Worked up to 195#. My old PR is 260# but considering I’m pregnant and cannot use a weight belt, I stayed light and made sure my back was good.

    Row = 4;09
    Same thing, not a PR by any means but kept a slow steady pace, I have a cold and didn’t want to cough and get sick 🙂

  7. Kevin

    Back Squat

    20# off PR, but exactly where I started last October.

    1000m Row
    3:21 (5 sec off PR)

    Body didn’t feel right. Heart was racing after the first 200m.

  8. Tina LeBlanc

    Back squat build to 1 RM

    35# – 5
    50 – 3
    60 – 2
    70 – 1
    75 – 1
    85 – 1
    90 – 1
    95 – 1
    105 – 1

    1000m row for time

  9. Shane Hayes

    Mob and Wu

    225 x 5/ 275 x 3/ 315 x 2
    365 / 405/ 435 / 455 x 1
    Matched my old pr, but they way they were feeling I wanted to go heavier… Buttt I bottomed out on the 455 and it took everything to stand that back up. So we will test after the cycle!! #roadto500lbs

    Row 1000m, 3:32
    I think my pr is 3:23
    So it was close to it, seemed like I may have started off a little fast.

    Thanks Amanda!!

  10. Jo

    Squats up to 205#
    Matches my PR from a lot of years ago so I’ll gladly take it considering I don’t workout as much anymore.

    Thanks for sharing the red bar Sam and props to Julia for her 20 or so lb PR 🙂

  11. Melanie

    Back Squat
    Build to a 1RM
    According to Mike, I actually had 165# on the bar instead of 155#..
    Soo I ‘think’ I got a really big PR 🤷‍♀️
    1000m Row for time

  12. Samantha Both

    Back Squats — I had just tested this the week before during the powerlifting clinic and was fasting, so I am not surprised it didn’t go swell. My 1RM is 190# but I do my percentages off of 195#.

    100/120/140/155/165/175/185 = Failed at 190 and didn’t attempt 195 as planned

    Row – 4:11

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