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  1. Cheryl

    5k Run = 31:43

    Compare to May 13/19 = 32;21

    Thank you for the running tips Shane. Pull, pull, pull was my mantra! 😊

    Bon voyage Lynn… we’ll miss you!!

  2. Jeff Leech

    Run 5k
    I ran on the balls of my feet for half of it to see what minimalist running feels like. Ran the other half with quick steps and heel strike. My calves got quite the workout.
    Fred ended up being my running partner today.

  3. Fred

    5k run
    Time: 24:26 48 sec faster than in May but still a couple of minutes off PR pace.

    Worked on technique and trying not to heel strike which was different and required a conscious effort to maintain cadence and forward lean

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