Saturday Chipper


Saturday Chipper

Row 1000m
80 AbMat Situps
60 Burpees
40 Front Squats (135/95#/50%)
20 Box Jumps (24/20”)

Pick away at it, one movement at a time.

Which part will be the toughest for you?

Blake (this picture was too good not to post)

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  1. 9am OG:
    Little comptrain wod with Matt & Mario (and Janelle our DJ and weight changer)

    50’ OH Lunge @ 105#
    50’ HS walk
    50’ front rack lunge @ 135#
    50’ HS walk
    50’ back rack lunch @ 155#
    50’ HS walk

    There was a clock… but I didn’t check it 😂
    This was just skill work for HS under fatigue and went a lot better than I expected. Did 3-4 sets of 25’ unbroken.
    OH lunges were hardest for me, hurts my wrists.

    10am class:
    WOD Rx:

    Took my sweet ol time on the row, 2:15 pace
    Situps & burpees steady and unbroken
    Front squats 10s… thought I’d be able to do more but my shoulders were blown up haha first 10 were the worst
    Box jumps unbroken with step downs, legs were heavy!

    Thanks for a great class Janelle!

  2. Cheryl

    Row 1000m
    80 AbMat Situps – unbroken
    60 Burpees – sets of 20
    40 Front Squats (35#) – sets of 10
    20 Box Jumps (12” box + 45# plate) – unbroken

    = 20:50

    Thank you Janelle!

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