GI Jane


GI Jane

Next Wednesday is Bring a Friend Day!

Saturday is CrossFit Total – it’s one class starting at 9am. We should be done by 11am.

Deadlifts x3

GI Jane
100 Burpee Pullups (1 foot above reach)

*15 min cap

Compare to 14/7/15

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  1. Deadlifts x3
    95, 105, 125, 130, 140 (7 reps)

    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Pullups (scaled to jumping off a 25# plate)

    81 reps at the cap.

    If you want to be truly inspired, work out beside Gabriel and Lynne. These two athletes have no quit. Gabe finished the workout today with room to spare, and Lynne completed 80 reps. Wow!

  2. Gabriel

    Deadlift x3 (based on 385#)

    GI Jane as RX’d
    Time–> 13:39

    All Kevin’s fault for telling me he never finished this WOD. I probably would not have pushed as hard.

    Thanks Coach!

  3. Mario A.

    E2M/6rds Deadlift x 3 @ 185#, stop-n-go
    – keeping it light, work on activation/bracing properly

    WOD: GI Jane = 81 reps @ 15min cap, 12″ OH reach
    – got to 50 reps @ 9:14, very cardio, was jumping halfway into pullup on all reps.

  4. Christie Neate

    Deadlifts x3
    125-145-170-185-195# for 7 Reps

    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Pullups (1 foot above reach – Jumping)

    93 Reps at the 15 minute cap
    Thanks for the class Blake
    …I came for the deadlifts 🤣

  5. Kevin

    Hit it just before the 4pm.


    I never finished it before, so happy with that!

    Thanks to those 4pm peeps for cheering me on.

  6. Shane Hayes

    Deadlifts up to 465# x 7

    Wod rx’d
    Great work everyone for tackling this tough Wod!!!
    Thanks for the class Amanda!!! 🙂

  7. Aubrey

    Deadlifts x3
    155-185-210-225-245- x 7

    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Jumping Pullups ( bar at wrist height)
    Steady pace no breaks sets of 10…
    Thanks Amanda!

  8. Heidi

    GI Jane

    100 Burpee Pull Ups. Pull up bar was 4″ above my reach\
    Completed 70 Reps at 15 min. time cap

    Last time it did this it was my 1000th class. Completed 76 (or maybe 78 reps), so a bit slower today

  9. Angela Steeves

    Deadlifts x 3
    85-105-120-130-140# x7reps

    GI Jane

    100 Burpee Pull-ups

    RX Bar 1 foot above reach
    Scale bar less than 1 foot

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