Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day

Do you LOVE this workout?!

Renegade Rows x10 (total)
3 sets building

50/40 cal Row
40 DB Cleans (50/35#)
30 Box Jumps (24/20”)
20 Pistols (or 40 air squats)
10 Muscle-ups (or 20 pull-ups/jumping pullups)

*15 min cap

Compare to 2/15/18

Mel G

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  1. Heather Skeard

    Renegade rows
    Not a fan of those

    WOD Rx

    Row in 2:40
    Dumbbell cleans sucked
    Box jumps were steady
    Pistols were good, just wobbly cause I was so tired
    Muscle ups did all singles.. thanks Matt for the pointers, hoping to stop chicken winging soon!

  2. Absolutely disgusting Pathfinder Ruck wod with Heather (my favourite sister!!).

    Valentine’s Day Massacre

    Set 1 “Dating” (How you doin’?)
    2 Minute Overhead Ruck Hold
    14 Overhead Ruck Presses
    20 Squats
    19 Ruck Push Ups

    Set 1 “Couples Hot and Heavy” (Heart racing, you make my legs weak)
    2 minute Overhead Ruck Hold then…
    2 (yes TWO) Rounds of:
    14 Ruck Burpees
    14 Ruck Thrusters
    14 Overhead Ruck Lunges
    14 Flutter kicks (4-Count, Ruck held up)

    Set 3 “Struggles” (Grind through tough times)
    2 Minute Overhead Ruck Hold
    14 count Bear Crawl (count each time your right hand steps)
    14 count Reverse Bear Crawl
    14 count Crab Walk
    14 count Reverse Crab Walk

    Set 4 “Break-Up” (Throw arms up and quit)
    2 Minute Overhead Ruck Hold
    14 Ruck Burpees
    14 Overhead Squats
    14 Single Arm Overhead Squats (7 each arm)
    14 Ruck Thrusters
    14 Ruck Swings
    14 Overhead Ruck Lunges

    Time: 29:17

    Changed quickly, headed to work. Arms are not functioning properly now. Who needs arms?

  3. Jeff Leech

    Renegade rows

    50 cal row
    40 dumbell cleans 50lbs
    30 Box jumps 24″
    20 Pistols
    Muscle ups /bar did 2 in a row(first time ever). then a few singles my elbow was bothering me so I stopped and worked with Matt a bit on improving my kip….thanks matt
    WOD Rx 🙂

  4. amy hogan


    Renegade Rows x10 (total)

    40 cal Row
    40 DB Cleans (25#)
    30 Box Jumps (20”)
    40 air squats
    20 pull-ups

    time: 14:07

  5. Bobbie-Jo Killam

    Renegade rows x10

    Wod. 15mins
    40cal row
    40DB cleans(15#)
    30 boxjump
    40 air sq
    20 jumping pull ups
    Time: 13:05

    Had a mis-step on the box jumps and instead of quiting and doing step ups, I took a breath and kept going.

  6. Mario Richard

    Renegade rows x 10

    50 cal row
    40 dumbell cleans 50#
    30 Box jumps 24″
    20 Pistols
    10 Ring muscle ups

    11:20 Rx

    (Last year was 13:33)

    Thanks Shane!

  7. Shane Hayes

    Group mobility and Wu

    Renegade rows with a Pushup

    Wod rx’d: 10:39
    Had to keep stopping on the muscle ups, the Velcro tie was cutting into my arm ..

    Thanks for the class Amanda

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