Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

Which girl workout are you hoping to get?

Yankee Swap

Everyone that comes will select a number and then choose a ‘present’. Upon opening it, you’ll find a workout. If you were #2, you have the option of switching with #1. Number 3 can switch with 1 or 2, and so on. Person #1 will be allowed to switch with anyone…so you’d better hope to get #1!

Compare to Dec.22/17

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  1. Marcel

    A Christmas Miracle — I was at a 6 am

    Yankee Swap

    Got Annie, but traded for Elizabeth.


    Power Cleans (scaled 115#)
    Ring Dips


    Fun morning thanks Kevin and Heidi for “coaxing” me to come 🤨

  2. Kelly B

    Yankee Swap



    Thanks for the swap Marcel 😉

    Fun times. Thanks Kevin and Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. Mario B.

    Yankee Swap!
    picked #4, got Diane and kept it


    Deadlift (#225/155)
    HSPU (Scaled to Pike PU)

    Time: 5:52

    Good Job Everyone

  4. Christie Neate

    Yankee Swap!

    3 Rounds
    500m row
    12 DL at BW (used 145#)
    21 box jumps 12’ box w 25# plate

    Fell over that tiny box in first round = too much starring at the box in rounds 2 & 3.

    Thanks for the class Matt
    Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄

  5. Mike Moody

    Pick 8.
    Grabbed Nancy.

    Elected to trade heather for “Annie”

    Then Annie was stripped from me via Tracy and I got


    7:55 Rx

    Knocked off a minute and still hate doing it , but traditions are traditions 3 years in a row
    Also it’s hard to navigate the trading WOD terrain against the family all working against you

    1. Tracy

      You’ve got it backwards Mike. You have been working sooooo hard all year on your wall balls, it would have been a shame to have let this opportunity pass without the annual test of “Karen”…No need to thank The Family, we are just looking out for you!

  6. Heather Skeard

    Got something and traded for Diane. Haven’t done it since July when at the 15 min cap I still had 5 HSPU left…
    Today i Did it and finished it in 8:12…. so a PR of 7ish minutes…. 😀

    Deadlifts 225/155#

    RX = 8:12

  7. Matt H

    Cleans (135/95)
    Ring dips

    3:39 @95# and paralette dips

    Had the same workout last year and was 6:01 – I had recently returned to the gym from a longer time off, but still pleased to see the improvement given my sporadic attendance the past year.

  8. Del

    Got Jackie and stayed with it as I couldn’t remember doing it
    1000M Row 3:40
    50 Thrusters 45# 7:15 20-10-10-10
    30 Pullups
    9:36 Did it april 2017 9:06 w 20 jumping pulups

    Thanks Kevin!

  9. Jeana Martin

    Yankee swap!

    5 rounds
    10 power cleans
    15 pushups

    I did it in 10:45!

    I chose not to switch when I picked this because I hurt my knee a couple weeks ago doing Power Squat Cleans, so I wanted to work on my technique. And I think I did pretty good! They definitely felt good this time!

  10. Melanie

    Qod: I was hoping to get Annie, because hello? Doubles!
    And o got Annie, but then it was stolen from me! I ended up with
    Nasty Girls
    3 rds
    50 squats
    7 Muscle Ups (14 ring rows)
    10 Hang Cleans (65#)
    Although Kevin suggested I do pull ups, I said.. Nooooo
    Soo, he let me do ring rows 🤭
    This is my New Year resolution to work on my Pullups and say ‘yes’ more..
    Thanks 7am for the entertaining morning!

  11. Gabriel

    Yankee Swap


    PR of 1:01 from Dec 23rd 2016

    Thanks Kevin!

    Happy Holidays fellow CrossFitters!

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