You’ll only need your running shoes


You’ll only need your running shoes

10k Run

In order to ‘qualify’ for the 10, you have to be under 25min for a 5k.

Compare to Aug.10/17


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  1. Shawn Johnson

    10k Run

    Busy day today so I did this one from home.
    First 2k around 5:45 mins per k then slowed way down to 7:45 per k for remaining. What happened? Oh well, lots of sweat happened

  2. Melanie

    4 rounds
    20m walking OH lunges with ruck
    20 Ruck thrusters
    20m Bear crawl with ruck
    20 Vsnaps
    with Miss Janet
    30# ruck
    Then 800m sandbag carry with Miss Jeana.. I carried 30# ruck and 80# sandbag she carried green sandbag.. 45#?
    Today was Jeana second private session.

  3. Lindsay Sherwood

    3 km run: 22:54

    This is about a 4-5 ish minute PR. I checked my old time but must have written it down wrong because it makes no sense haha I ran the first 2km unbroken and then did a few short walking intervals and then did the last .5 unbroken. Super happy with the progress on my running!

    Thanks Kevin!

    Open gym:

    Did some calf and hip mobility.

    Worked on cleans. Berger warm up and then stayed at 55# and practiced technique. Did a few of the complexes from barbell club. Coming along!

  4. Remi Richard


    Hang Power Cleans – building up to 215# focusing on technique

    200 Doubles for time in chunks of unbroken 20s: Well that was terrible, did not finish… exposes an interesting weakness though, try chunks of 15 next time and build from there.

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