Bring a Friend Day


Bring a Friend Day

Bring your friend(s) to any class today. We’ll show them a good time.

DB box step ups (24”/20”) (50/35)
HR Pushups
Knees to elbows (Strict)

Good luck to our students heading back to school, and welcome to students coming back to the gym

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  1. Kevin

    DB Steps ups (24″ w/35# DBs and 30# ruck)
    HR Pushups (30# ruck)
    Strict K2E


    1 mile cashout with 30# ruck and 80# sandbag with Mel

  2. Beth

    I really wanted to do this work out today and I was bringing a friend! but work has been and continues to be crazy nuts. My friend’s name is Joel…if he shows up, can someone else be his friend??

  3. Gabriel


    DB box step ups (24”) 40#
    HR Pushups
    Knees to elbows (Strict)

    Time–> 8:33

    some Crossover Symmetry

    Great work am’ers!

    Thanks Shane!

  4. Lindsay Sherwood

    Barbell club:

    Working on snatches and overhead squats. All pretty light weight to focus on form, which is finally starting to improve a bit. Thanks Shane and Blake!


    DB step ups (15# on a 14ish inch box)
    Hand release push ups
    Strict hanging knee raises (kept them as strict as possible haha)

    Time: 7:40

    Nice to see lots of friends out to join the fun!

  5. Melanie

    DB box step ups (20”) (20#/15#)
    HR Pushups
    Knees to elbows (Hanging knee raises)
    Workout with 30# ruck
    Things on my ‘you suck’ list…
    Must do more! 🙄
    This workout left me feeling like I am still not ready for the Heavy event in 3 weeks!
    1 mile ruck cash out with 30# ruck and 80# sandbag with Kevin..

  6. Remi Richard


    — DB Box step ups @ (20″/50#)
    — HR Pushups – in sets of 5 with quick breaks
    — Strict Knees-to-almost-elbow-but-mostly-mid-tricep – breaking down to reps of 1

    Ten : sixteen

    Thanks coach Blake, big class!!!

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