Snatch Day Sunday


Snatch Day Sunday

Come on in and work on your snatch today!

Congrats to Mike for joining the 500 Club!!

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  1. Shane Hayes

    Og, worked on wallballs hspu’s and strict muscle ups.
    Quick Wod (lead foot)
    219 reps of a combination of calories row, burpees c2b/t2b and Pullups

    Snatch day with Coach Amanda!!
    Full snatches
    95/115/135/155/165/175/185/195/205 f
    Was catching the 205 out front, bit of a mental block on anything over 175…. Need more time spent snatching ..

    Thanks for the class Amanda !

  2. Derek


    Ankle modility
    Worked on front rack position and deep

    Snatch day

    45-65lb most of the workout did 95# last two reps
    Need to work on snapping hips .

    Thanks Amanda!

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