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Sharing is caring

*Reminder – gym will be closed on Monday

With a partner,
1 mile Farmer Carry (KB or DB)
2 km Row
500 Double Unders
*share the work any way, and split the movements any way

Compare to Aug.5/17

Amber – trying really hard not to make a lifting face

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  1. Jackie

    Fun WOD with Karen.
    1 mile farmer carry with 35# KBs
    2k row @ 500m x 4
    500 DUs (8r 30 DUs Karen & 90 singles me. Finished off with 10 DUs each)


    Thanks Coach Ron. Loved the warm up!!

  2. Derek

    With a partner,(Roxanne)
    1 mile Farmer Carry (30lb KB)
    2 km Row
    500 Double Unders

    Time capped

    With 231 double Unders

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