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AMMAP in 40 min
Sandbag Carry

That’s as many meters as possible. Put a sandbag on your body and move it for 40 min.

*Wear a hat/bring sunscreen. It’s going to be a hot one.

The CFM Ruck Club did a 7.5 mile ‘cooler ruck’ last weekend

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  1. Blake

    AMMAP in 40 min of
    Sandbag Carry

    Mile 1 – 11:18 (rested remainder of minute after each lap)
    Mile 2 – 12:08
    Mile 3 – 12:39

    TOTAL: 5,150m

  2. Del

    Birthday Burpees – Happy Birthday Janet! 🙂

    AMMAP in 40 min
    Sandbag Carry
    1.6K – 13:41
    3.2K – 26:15
    4.8K – 38:10

    Thanks Shane!

  3. Amanda

    black sandbag.. 4050m
    I really messed that up – I walked most of my first mile because I was expecting to be more challenged. I was 3/4 through it when I realized I should have been moving much faster.


  4. Kevin

    Mel M, Ingrid, and I had our rucks, and swapped between the 40, 60, and 80# sandbag for 3600m.

    Happy to have done this in the morning.

  5. Laura

    AMMAP in 40 min of
    Sandbag Carry

    Thanks Karen for keeping me on track. That was tough mentally AND on the hands/arms.

  6. Melanie

    AMMAP in 40 min
    Sandbag Carry
    Sandbag carries are more fun with a buddy or two!
    Kevin, Ingrid and I wore our rucks and took turns swapping the 40#, 60#, and 80# sand bags…
    We managed 3600 m.. What fun!

  7. Lisa MacLaughlin

    AMMAP in 40 min
    Sandbag Carry

    3400m. Thanks Leanne for keeping me company. That was my first sandbag carry and tough one!

  8. Remi Richard

    First “run” with 80# sub 15min.
    Then with 40# (cause I wans’t going back out with 80#)
    One loop, 800, 400, 100, 100, 50, 50, 50

    Something like 4500m +/-, to wrecked to jot it down ; )

    Great job 7pm-ers!

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