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      1. Remi Richard

        Thanks Blake, insightful times for sure: Strength goes up – speed goes down. Goes to show how focusing on one thing too long doesn’t help the overall picture, at least not in my case. My lesson for the past year – just do Crossfit. Especially the CFM programing and coaching, tailored to prevent such imbalances. That is if you don’t cherry pick out of the runs ; )

  1. Samantha C

    Group WU & Mob

    Run 5K (scaled to 3K)

    Time: 22:02

    Hardest part was getting out of bed. Happy to say I’ve got 1 year in and want to continue.

  2. Elba

    Mob, WU
    Group WU, mob

    Row 5k – 23:25 ( I think)

    First 2 km were slow due to my knee, but once I warmed up, it was so much better!! thanks for the music coach, Latin music makes everything better πŸ˜‰

  3. francis landry

    MOB WUx1
    Group WU MOB

    Run 5k

    Time = 29:50
    2nd 5k run of the year

    did 30:25 last month
    my 5k PR is 26:30
    Thanks for setting the pace on the way back Amanda!

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