Push it


Push it

Bench press x 12
4 sets building

Sled Pushes x3

And maybe some other tomfoolery.

Custom patches!

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  1. Remi Richard

    Bench press x 12
    4 sets building

    Sled Pushes x3
    -sled with 10#
    -sled with 25#

    “And maybe some other tomfoolery” = AMRAP 3min plank… thought I was going to loose my breakfast on this one. No legs, heavy breathing from the sled = bad news. Approx 1:45 in a plank…

    Good job 6amers! Thanks Shane!

  2. Mark D

    MOB + Group WU & MOB

    Bench Press x 12
    4 sets building
    WU – 95#
    115# – 125# – 135# – 145# (got 10 reps)

    Sled Pushes x3 – 25#
    24s – 24s – 27s

    Had to pass on the 3 min plank.

  3. Del

    Bench press x 12
    4 sets building
    115-125-135-145-155×11.75 so close!
    Sled Pushes x3 @ 25#
    18-19-22 secs

    1:45 plank then a couple breaks 2:20/3:00 total

    Thanks Shane!

  4. Vanessa MacDonald

    Bench press

    Empty sled pushes. X3 down and back. About 30ish sec each time. Slow moving the pegs and the ‘back’ half was very slow.
    Thanks for making me do 3 rounds Blake

    Max plank in 3 min
    60sec-30-30 total of 2min

  5. Andy

    First post in 4years!

    As part of prep course:

    WU x 1
    Reviewed SP,PP, and PJ
    Intro rowing

    WOD Deck of Death 15min cap
    145 reps + 1 row

    Thanks coach Shane. It’s good to be back 😜

  6. Derek

    4sets x 12 reps
    95-115-135-155 did extra set at 175 (failed on 12 rep)

    Sled push x3
    15s unweighted
    15s 10lb
    24s 25 lb

    Plank (1:00) then multiple breaks

    Thanks Shane

  7. Lindsay Sherwood

    Bench press X 12
    60-70-80-75 (only got 11 reps on last two sets)

    Sled push X 3: unweighted

    Hit the wall pretty hard in that last sled push but still crossed the finish line haha

  8. Elba

    Bench press X 12

    Sled push X 3: unweighted
    19s – 21s -21s (and hit my knee pretty hard in the last run :S) still really sore!!

    Great class Shane!!

  9. Marcel

    Bench press x 12
    4 sets building

    Sled Pushes x3
    -sled 14 sec
    -sled with 25# 17 sec
    -sled with 25# No idea I think I blanked out for a while.

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