Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

What is one accomplishment you are very proud of?

5 rounds
400m Run
30 Wall ball
30 Box jump

*40 min time cap

Compare to July 8/16

Welcome Tim to the 1000 Club!

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  1. MOB WUx1 + Crossover Symmetry

    “Kelly” as Rx’d
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball 20#
    30 Box jump 24″

    Time–> 26:40
    PR of 3:20 from July 13 2015

    Well done 6am gang!

    Thanks Kevin!

  2. Mario B

    QOD: pretty proud of my 4 awesome kids!

    MOB WUx1

    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball #14 (30, 20-10, 15,15,15)
    30 Box jump 20″ (steady).

    Was aiming for 30 min/6min per rnd.

    First round was 5:20, then 12:02, so round 3-5 went with 15 reps.
    ( Next time try to get round 3-4 rnd with full reps.)
    Time: 27:02
    Thanks Kevin
    Glad to have Mel try a 6 am class!!

  3. Shane Hayes

    Mobility and Wu
    Group mobility and Wu

    Wod ” Kelly ”
    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 wallballs 12#
    30 box jumps

    This Wod is my nemesis. But every year I do it.

    First time trying wallballs since surgery. Used 12#, should have been less, 3 rounds in shoulder was very tight and I kinda gave up after the 400m run … But it was really bothering me to quit. Stretched out the shoulder grabbed the med ball and did MBC and finished the Wod..

    Thanks for the great class Kevin
    Great work everybody, nice to see Melanie this morning.

  4. Blake Reynolds

    “Kelly” as Rx’d
    PR of 1:07 but need to keep working on Wall Balls.

    Sets were 20/10, 15/15 …and then a bunch of crap.
    Box jumps felt slower with step downs but was able to keep the heart rate down and kept a steady pace.

    Three 7 AM classes this week! (Also a PR!)

  5. MARK D

    MOB + Group WU & MOB

    “Kelly” – 40 min time cap
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall balls – 14#
    30 Box Jumps – scaled to 15/20″. 2 rounds jumping, 3 rounds step-ups

    TIME: 29:24…scaled the Box Jumps down from last time but did much better overall and got the whole WOD done…didn’t complete WOD last time in 40 min.

  6. Del

    What is one accomplishment you are very proud of?
    Sticking with an exercise program longer than 3 months – Crossfitting 16 Months and counting
    “Kelly” Rx
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball – 30,30,20-10,20-10,30
    30 Box jump
    27:33 – Was 38:02 w/20″ box July/16

    Congratz Tim!

    Thanks Kevin!

    1. Blake Reynolds

      Dude you CRUSHED those Wall Balls this morning!
      Is it ok to have Wall Ball envy?

      I am not sure if a 10+ minute PR is a personal best or just a whole other workout?
      Nice job man, crazy PR!

  7. Gerry

    5 rounds – 40 minutes cap

    – 400 make run
    – 30 wall balls
    – 30 box jumps
    (scaled using 8lb and 20 in.)


    grouped the wall balls 15, 15 —last 2rds 15,10,5
    box jumps – unbroken.

  8. Samantha C

    Group WU & Mob

    “Kelly” (scaled)

    5 rounds
    200m Run
    15 Wall ball 6# @ 9′
    15 Box jump 18″

    Time 20:53

    That was just gross.

  9. WOD with 200m run and full reps (14# ball and 20″ box)

    Time – 36:08.

    Did step up because right knee was hurting with impact of landing box jump. “Running” was alright for knee.

  10. Marcel

    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball #14
    30 Box jump 24″

    Time: 40:00

    Previously in 2015 I had 15 wall balls left at the cap, so that’s a PR! Thanks for cheering me on 6 pm crew & Amanda for being on the ball to grab a timer, thankfully I got in at the cap and didn’t need it!

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