It’s nice out!

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  1. Steph H

    WU x1
    Group WU & Mob

    3K Run

    * I signed up this morning then lunchtime took my name off then came to the gym at 4…..
    In the end I survived

  2. Greg

    Open Gym
    Clean & Jerk Practice
    Wu and mob

    Strict Press
    45×5 65×5 85×5 115×5 135 x5

    Push Press
    135 145 155 165 x3

    Split Jerk
    145 155 165 175 185 x1

    Thanks Marc Vaughn awesome Push from you.

  3. Kevin


    Weather was awesome today!

    So happy to see so many people come out for the run today. It’s traditionally a low attendance day (being on a Thursday too).

  4. Melanie M

    Today I hit OG..
    I never really have a plan going in, so I made it up as I went..

    I did 4 rounds of a ruck EMOM
    (I made up)
    Front leaning rest (plank not on my elbows)

    Squat Hold (Not my favorite part)
    OH ruck hold

    Then my ruck homework
    5 rounds
    10 ruck thrusters
    10 ruck Flutter kicks
    I need to apologize to Cara for criticizing her helpful thruster suggestions Tuesday night.. I tried it Kevin’s way today, and I actually managed 10 unbroken thrusters! πŸ™„

  5. Chris K

    5k in. 20lb vest


    Made it under 30. Super happy. PR without vest is 27. 2:49 allowance for the extra weight is not bad imho.

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