Max Day


Max Day

Going for PRs or maxes doesn’t always have to be on a barbell. Here are two other ways to test yourself.

3 sets of max unbroken KBS (70/53#)
Rest 1 min between sets

AMRAP 10 min
Double Unders

Compare to Jan.21/15


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  1. Blake Reynolds

    Open Gym Mobility

    3 x Max. KBS @ 70#
    25 – 18 – 14

    AMRAP Double Unders in 10 min:

    Sept 2013: 53
    Oct 2012: 81
    Aug 2012: 101

    I really have to say to people “Practice, practice, practice… if I can get that many ANYONE can with lots of practice and the great coaches we have at CFM.

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