Strength Day


Strength Day

Double Strength Day

You get to pick 2 strengths (maybe ones you haven’t done in a while) and get some new numbers or practice. Let the coach know what you plan on doing before the class.

Would you look at these two! They’ve put a ton of work into their lifts over the last few months, and they both came home with medals.


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  1. Stacey

    Double strength day!
    Front Squat 3RM
    35# – 55# (wu) – 65# – 75# – 85#
    Previous 3RM was 70# from February.

    Power Cleans
    35# – 55# (wu) – 65# – 75# (x2) failed on 3rd rep.
    Previous 1RM was 75# in August.

  2. Heather P

    Big gym day today! Marcel, you are awesome!


    55# on the bar
    14# 9′ WB
    20″ box

    Rounds: 70-71-65

    Total: 206

    Then double strength:

    Power cleans
    75(5) 85(5) 95(1) 95(1) 95(1)

    Trying so hard to learn patience with these. Still jumping too soon.


    35(5) 40(5) 45(5) 50(5) 55(3) 60(3) 65(1)

    Form got better as I went along. Might be time to go heavy again.

    Cashout AMRAP: PR for staying rep-for-rep with Davis!

  3. Open Gym

    50 burpees for time – 6 minutes on the dot. 1 min 39 second PR over Nov 2015.

    Mobility – quads, t-spine, lats, triceps and calf.

    Thanks for the class Marcel.

  4. Tara Betts

    Double strength day!

    Not anywhere near what my old 1RM used to be, but it was the first time I’ve been over 200# in a year๐Ÿ™‚ I probably could have gone up a bit more, but my form was starting to suffer and safety(and my back) is way more important than my ego๐Ÿ˜œ

    Push Jerk
    Marcel gave me a few tips because my dip is way too fast. So, I dropped back down to 55# to practice for the remaining time left.

  5. Emilie

    Double PR day!

    OHS new 5rep 70#
    C J new 1rm 100# !!!! damn right i wasnt leaving to hibernate for the winter without hitting a 3 digit number overhead.
    (& technically a 3rd PR for hpc at the same time)

    See you guys in February! Thanks for the hugs Tara & Stacey.

  6. Blake

    Power Snatch x 5 to 125#
    Started landing wide so finished at 115#

    Hang Squat Clean x 3 to 195#
    PR Reps! Matches my old 1 RM!

    AMRAP 10 min of
    — 10 Down-Ups
    — 10 Lunges
    — 10 Situps

    No idea what my score was but I caught up to my son Isaac at the very end so that’s all that mattered!

    Thanks for the coaching Marcel… and for the drive home Davis!

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