Main site Monday!


Main site Monday!

With a partner,
AMRAP for 40 minutes
Row 1000m
200 Double Unders
*switch as needed

Pre-race Spartan pic

Pre-race Spartan pic

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  1. Shawn J

    Group MOB WU

    AMRAP for 40 minutes. Not with partner mandatory breaks
    Row 500m (6 rnds)
    100 Double Unders (5 rnds 51 DUs)

    Thanks Shane!

  2. Heather S

    Partner Wod with Tracy at 6 a.m.!!! (It’s really really dark😳)

    Split reps right down the middle with du for me, singles for Tracy.

    5rounds + 140m row

    Fun class but seriously, someone should call me around 2 p.m. to make sure I’m still awake…

    Thanks for the rowing and skipping tips Shane. Great coaching as usual – we’re so lucky at this gym!

  3. Lance Cudmore

    Group mobility

    AMRAP 40 mins
    1000m row
    200 DUs

    partnered with kevin split the rows evenly same with the DUs until the last bunch we would just go when the other missed a jump. He did a bit more on the ending DUs but thats fine he’s crazy. Very happy to have gotten in and have Kevin as my partner made me work real hard.

    5 Rounds +141 Reps RX

  4. Mob, group WU.mob

    AMRAP 40 minutes with Steve
    – Row 1,000m
    – 400 singles

    4 rounds + 1,000m

    I’m 99% sure that my final 500m row was a PR…followed by me melting onto the floor.

  5. MOB, group WU

    WOD with Ronnie. Thanks Man, you’re a champ!
    5 rounds 482m

    Well that was a whole lot of “I don’t want to do that again”. Also, I feel like I regressed in skipping, Am I delusional? I’m fairly certain that at one fairly recent point in time, I was able to do Double Unders.

  6. Marcel

    Partnered with Awesome Blake!

    AMRAP 40 mins of:
    β€” 1000m Row
    β€” 200 DU (200 SU & 100 DU)
    5 Rounds + 30 sinles

    Team Old & Older!

  7. Showed up to partake in a partner wod, only to do the wod solo…however still better than rowing alone outside or in a corner haha, thanks Kevin!

    No-partner version:
    500 row + rest same time
    100 DU + rest same time

    Score = 5 rounds + 500m row

    Row time ranged from 1:57-2:06 except final row was 1:51 and death
    DU time ranged from 1:30-1:46

  8. Amanda

    WOD rx’d with Heather the double unders queen: 5 rounds + 756m

    Rowing, Heather: 400m, me: 600m
    Doubles, Heather: 150, me: 50

    Worked well except next time we’ll do 75,25,75,25 for the doubles

    I liked the wod. Good job partner. Never mind Kevin’s yelling and insults, we did good. Haha.

  9. Samantha C

    group warm up & mob

    AMRAP in 40 min with a partner
    partner with Barb
    row 1000 m
    200 DU( single x 2)

    4 rounds + 1000m & 62 singles

    Broken up 500m + 200 singles

    Found I had a better pace at rowing this time compared to the cal rowing a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the tips Marcel. πŸ™‚

  10. mob wux1
    group mob
    AMRAP in 40 min with a partner
    partner with the amazing Pete
    row 1000 m
    200 DU( single x 2)
    Started with 500m & 100 singles for 3 then to 250m and 50
    5 rounds, 1000 m 113singles

  11. Tara Betts

    Apparently “do half” doesn’t mean “do half the weight you would normally do”.
    It means “do half the reps”😜

    So, I ended up doing THREE HUNDRED kettle bell swings as a scale instead of the skipping.

    Good lord.
    That’s all I’m writing about this day😠

  12. Barb Donovan

    AMRAP in 40 min with a partner (Samantha)
    Row 1000 m
    200 DU (single x 2)

    Broke it up as 500 m + 200 singles

    4 rounds + 1000m & 62 singles

  13. Heidi

    40 min AMRAP with a partner
    1000 m row
    200 DU’s

    Partnered with Kim. Missed finishing the 5th round by 2 DU’s…grrr!
    My partner did awesome!

  14. Amanda Beck

    Partner wod with Stacey S.

    1000m row
    200 doubles

    Split the rowing for the most part
    Stace did single unders and i did box step ups

    4 rounds 773m into the rowing

  15. Janet O'Blenis

    AMRAP in 40 min with a partner
    Row 1000 m
    200 DU (single x 2)

    Broke it up as 500 m -500m

    5 rounds + 479m

    I liked this one

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